The YouTube app for Apple TV is so muted since it totally ignores all of Apple’s best tools

Google, like many tech companies, has a robe of commanding a pattern denunciation wherever it goes. Amazon does this, too, that is because a Prime Video app also looks and behaves a same on a Apple TV as it does on a PlayStation 4 and elsewhere.

Often times, carrying a same pattern denunciation opposite mixed platforms is a good user experience. If we know how to use an app on only one device, you’ll know how to use it on anywhere.

The problem is, not all inclination are built a same. Some computers, like iPhones and Android phones, rest on hold controls; other computers, like PCs, rest on keyboard and rodent inputs; other computers, like streaming devices, rest on voice controls for a best experience.

When it comes to a YouTube app on Apple TV, it’s about time Google and YouTube embraced a Apple TV for what it is: an atypical streaming device with some nifty facilities that make life easier for users, like inertial scrolling and voice control.

Google and YouTube occupy some of a best program engineers in a world, and they’ve finished an glorious pursuit during creation Material Design consistent; now it only needs to be flexible.

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