The YouTube app for Apple TV only took another step in a wrong direction

YouTube contingency have review my new complaints about a Apple TV app given a newest update, that forsaken final week, fixes a handful of issues we brought up.

Unfortunately, a new YouTube refurbish introduces a new problem that wasn’t there before.

Some of a problems that were fixed:

Scrolling is now most better. The YouTube app now uses inertial scrolling, that is one of a best facilities of a Apple TV remote: It can act like your iPhone’s touchscreen, so a faster we crack your finger, a faster we scroll.

The user interface is somewhat better. The toolbar on a left side, that has buttons for Search and Subscriptions, is no longer dark by default.

But a YouTube app’s biggest problem stays even after a update: You can’t use voice hunt unless we navigate to a tangible “Search” margin in a app, and we can’t use your voice to control playback.

The app is also worse than it was before in one essential way: You’re now singular to 5 categories during a tip of your home screen, that includes a “Recommended” and “Latest” categories, and there’s no approach to customize them.

For example, a categories during a tip of my YouTube app, aside from a dual defaults, are “Entertainment,” “Gaming,” and “Music.” But we didn’t select these categories, and there’s no environment that allows me to change them. And we wish we could switch out “Music” for another difficulty like “Food.”

The genuine emanate here is that given you’re sealed into these fixed categories, it creates find on a app significantly worse than it was before.

Prior to a Aug 30 update, a YouTube app would benefaction a vast series categories during a tip of a UI, that customarily correlated with a forms of videos you’d watch. And those categories would change: If we started examination some-more videos from “The Ellen Show,” a “Entertainment” territory would expected seem on your feed. But now, there’s no approach to supplement or change your default categories, and so anticipating new videos, or creators, within those categories is now significantly some-more formidable on a Apple TV.

YouTube is all about hunt and discovery, though right now a latter underline is not adult to tinge on a Apple TV. Here’s anticipating that changes soon.

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