There’s no longer an forgive for late Android updates: If this little smartphone association can support Android P on a …

Usually, third-party phones that aren’t done by Google don’t get Android updates for months after they’re released.

Sometimes it’s years, if they ever get a refurbish during all.

But Essential, a association behind a beautiful $400 Essential Phone with high-end specs and design, was means to broach a latest chronicle of Android during accurately a same time as Google did for a Pixel phones. No other Android phone that hasn’t been done by Google can exaggerate a same thing, if my memory serves me correctly.

How? “Once Google handed off their latest P beta recover to us, we sprinted to combine this formula into ours and handed it off to QA/Beta testers to safeguard a build is consumer-ready,” Essential module manager Ron Cheung pronounced in a blog post .

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“A lot of work forward of time!” Essential program lead Jean-Baptiste Théou said. “A lot of formulation and loyalty to make it happen.”

Essential peculiarity declaration manager Elyse Kirker pronounced “There isn’t a lot of behind and onward between mixed teams to move this all together… and we have impossibly discerning turnaround with building and contrast a rags as a outcome — no red fasten to worry about here.”

According to Théou, Google’s “Treble” underline that Google pronounced would make it easier for phone makers to pull Android updates some-more fast is indeed working. “Google done a poignant bid in Oreo, and finished it in P, to apart Google formula from Vendor formula (Treble). This is an extraordinary change for OEM’s, since it offering us some-more flexibility, and authorised us to recover updates to a users many some-more quickly,” Jean-Baptiste said.

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To be fair, Android updates can take a tiny longer for other Android phone makers, generally when they embody additional layers of facilities and interface pattern — mostly called “skins” — on their phones. Indeed, phone makers have to confederate a latest chronicle of Android with their possess “skins,” that takes time and resources. And some of these additional facilities from phone-maker skins can indeed be flattering great. As for a Essential Phone, it doesn’t run an additional skin. Or if it does, it’s intensely light and frequency noticeable. That way, it’s easier and faster for Essential to confederate a latest chronicle of Android to a phone.

For phones that are sole by carriers like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and Sprint, where many Americans buy their smartphones, Android updates are even some-more behind due to additional vetting processes by a carriers.

But I’m relunctant to make too many excuses for those Android phone makers that use skins or those that are sole by carriers. At a finish of a day, late updates are a contributing cause to one of Android’s biggest issues: a fragmented ecosystem, where millions of Android phones are using on several opposite versions of Android, causing confidence issues, headaches for app developers. More importantly, users skip out on a latest program grown by Google — usually a many inclusive program association in a world.

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Let’s take Samsung’s latest Galaxy S9 smartphone from Feb 2018, for example. It’s still using on Android 8.0 “Oreo,” that creatively rolled out in Aug 2017. Now that Android 9 “Pie” is out, it means a Galaxy S9 is dual updates behind Google’s Pixel and a Essential phone as of Aug 2018.

The Galaxy S9 hasn’t nonetheless accept a Android 8.1 refurbish that creatively rolled out in Dec 2017. Samsung had months before a Galaxy S9 was even expelled to give it Android 8.1. But it’s now 7 months later, and Android 8.1 still isn’t on a Galaxy S9. I’d be flattering astounded if Samsung’s smartphone bill is smaller than Essential’s.

Other third-party Android phone makers aren’t generally improved about rolling out Android updates, either.

If Essential, a tiny smartphone association that’s usually expelled a singular phone to date, can get Android updates on day one, so can a large guys like Samsung, LG, and flattering many any other non-Google Android phone builder out there — during slightest for those companies’ flagship devices. There’s no longer any forgive for late Android updates for reward phones.

Google also actively announced that phone companies are rolling out a Android P refurbish in a fall. The list includes “Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential, as good as all subordinate Android One devices, will accept this refurbish by a finish of this fall.”

While it might seem like “this fall” is late for receiving Android P, it’s indeed not so bad. As it stands now, Android P usually contains some of a new facilities that Google announced during a Google I/O eventuality progressing this year. The rest of a facilities will be rolled out in a fall.

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