This App Turns YouTube Into Curated TV Stations For Mindless Viewing

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About a year ago, we started binge examination a singular uncover during a time during my house. We typically collect something with during slightest 4 or 5 seasons, and afterwards whenever we’re looking to “watch something” a answer is always a subsequent part of that show. Yes, we wandering from it to locate new episodes of other programs, though carrying that “one program” helps discharge a need to corkscrew by radio offerings and suggestions to find something when we’re unequivocally only looking for something to play in a background.

Neverthink is kind of a same concept, though for YouTube. With a Android and iOS app (and website) we can switch to a “channel” and watch themed videos.

If we wish to get a small preparation while you’re murdering time we can name a “Learn Something” channel, it we wish to laugh, a “Comedy Channel.” There are also channels like Tech News, Talk Shows, and Beauty.

The thought is that it works arrange of like “TV for YouTube” in that we only collect a channel and let it go. You’re not poking around for something on YouTube, and it will keep personification as prolonged as we want, so we aren’t faced with anticipating another preference when your initial one is done.


Screenshot: Neverthink

This isn’t for examination all a time, some-more for those times when you’re on a sight on your approach home or looking for something to watch on your phone before bed.

Videos are all hand-picked by a app’s staff rather than an algorithm, so while video ambience competence vary, you’re also a bit reduction expected to run into a broken than we competence only aimlessly drumming around on YouTube while you’re watchful for that behind moody to take off/train to come.


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