This New Chinese Phone Is A Total Clone Of The Galaxy S8


The Leagoo KIICAA S8

Last week we got my hands on a Doogee Mix, an roughly bezel-less phone that is such an unashamed slice off of a Xiaomi Mi Mix that it was worth applauding. In my opinion, a customarily thing worse than a copycat is a copycat in denial/hiding, so Doogee’s “Yeah, a phone is desirous by Xiaomi’s phone. So what?” opinion is arrange of refreshing.

Anyway, not even a week after that, and I’ve come opposite an even some-more contemptuous attempt: a counterpart of a Samsung Galaxy S8.

If you’ve review my square in a past, we know we have a Radio Raheem-style love/hate relationship with Samsung’s Galaxy lines. On one palm we consider their phone design, with a dual-curved AMOLED displays are among a sexiest designs in a mobile industry. But we also find Samsung’s program rarely annoying.

So if another phone wants to offer a phone with a same earthy pattern though a opposite program experience? I’m all for giving it a shot.


I mean, it’s roughly waggish how closely this resembles a S8.

Obviously, with Leagoo being a smaller Chinese code focusing on a mid-tier market, a internals aren’t on standard with a Galaxy S8. Instead of a Snapdragon 835 this clone, named a KIICAA S8 (yes, they even used a same name!) will run on a MediaTek 6763 processor. The arrangement (either 5.7- or 6-inch) is winding only as sexily as Samsung’s phones and rocking a same 18:9 aspect ratio, though has a fortitude of 1440 x 720. At slightest we get possibly 4 or 6GB of RAM.

The cost is, as customarily is a box with Chinese brands, really attractive. A repute from Leagoo told me that a top-of-the-line variant of this phone will still cost reduction than US$300.

Yes, it’s roughly hilariously ashamed a approach some Chinese companies have no courtesy for egghead property. But remember, Samsung was once perplexing to heavily duplicate Apple, and Apple’s subsequent phone will take several pattern cues from Samsung (among other phones) too.

I will have my hands on this Chinese S8 in a few weeks. we can’t wait to put it side by side with my S8 for a showdown.


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