This Nintendo Fan Created His Own GameCube Classic Edition and Now We Want One

With a NES Classic Edition and a SNES Classic Edition offered millions of units, it’s easy to see that Nintendo’s old-school systems are in high demand. While we wait to see if a publisher will announce a Nintendo 64 Classic down a road, one fan has taken it on himself to burst forward a turn and emanate his possess GameCube Classic Edition.

A YouTube fan by a name of Nintendrew, who specializes in Nintendo-related videos, followed adult on his prior handmade Nintendo 64 Classic video with this masterpiece, that was put together for around $200.

Nintendrew’s idea with a complement was to make something pretty sized and organic with a series of emulated GameCube games — and he’s managed to make this utterly effective for a many part.

This indeed compulsory a incomparable processor than a Raspberry Pi, that classical simulation systems customarily need to run classical games. This is due to a incomparable ROM distance of a GameCube games. But this didn’t stop Nintendrew, as he incited to an Up Squared Board, that supposing some-more space along with a preference of a fan so that a complement wouldn’t overheat.

Although his build was rather successful with games like Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Super Smash Bros. Melee using with ease, he remarkable that about a third of a games ran into slack issues, as good as glitches. That said, a fact that first-party games seem to work like a attract indicates that Nintendo could get such a complement adult and running.

After determining on a correct handling complement and UI, he put together all with a assistance of a 3D printer and a Up Squared Board, convention a GameCube Classic of his possess for what’s estimated to be around $229 to $319.

But that substantially wouldn’t be pricing for a sell section if it were to happen. “Even if we comment for a approach attribute with manufacturers, contingency are Nintendo would still be profitable during slightest $100 for any unit,” he said. A cost of $150 might be reasonable, depending on a games that come with it.


For a moment, it looks like Nintendo is focusing on a Nintendo 64 Classic since a heading was filed for it final year. But don’t give adult on those GameCube dreams — we could see a few titles cocktail adult on Nintendo’s Online network, that will be talked about sometime this month.

You can check out a video for a GameCube Classic Edition above. It’s good value a watch.

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