This phone box turns your iPhone 8 Plus or Pixel 2 XL into an X-ray …


You can indicate students outward of propagandize for weapons with SWORD. 

Royal Holdings

Some phone cases give we some-more battery life or wireless charging. But how about a box that can indicate people for dark weapons?

That’s accurately what Royal Holdings, a Los Angeles-based startup focused on real-time comprehension and hazard detection, and run by former comprehension executive Barry Oberholzer, aims to do with a SWORD smartphone attachment.

The association has combined a box that goes around possibly an iPhone 8 Plus or Pixel 2 XL and uses a phone’s audio sound waves as a arrange of sonar to detect either someone is carrying a gun, blade or explosve device. The box includes an array of 18 antennas that can emanate an picture form formed on a radio magnitude waves.   

If it works, SWORD could potentially change a confidence field, creation it easier, reduction forward and significantly cheaper to assistance make open venues safer. It’s a prohibited subject given a raft of open attacks in new years, from school shootings to a suicide explosve during an Ariana Grande concert

“We have grown a product that can be active and indeed save trusting lives,” Oberholzer pronounced in an talk on Friday. “That’s a primary goal.”

It’s misleading only how effective SWORD is yet. Oberholzer pronounced a association will start display off a operative antecedent in August, with a initial collection of products entrance in open 2019. (Check behind with CNET in a entrance months for hands-on impressions.)


The SWORD scanner can detect for explosve inclination in further to required weapons like guns and knives. 


With a cost tab of $1,250 (the preorder cost is $950) and a monthly $30 subscription fee, this isn’t for your normal Joe. But Oberholzer pronounced a association has already perceived 8,000 early orders from private confidence companies, casinos and a “very vast propagandize district.”

According to a video demo, a connection works with a SWORD app, that lets we indicate people adult to 40 feet away. The app can detect either a chairman is carrying something dangerous by drumming into a database of weapons and explosve devices. The early tests showed no fake certain readings, Oberholzer said, observant that a association is regulating synthetic comprehension and appurtenance training to urge a database.

SWORD also offers a facial approval complement utilizing a phone’s camera. Customers can feed in photos of specific people, for example, folks on a wanted list or blacklisted from a casino. Once in a system, a SWORD user can lift out a phone and indicate a room for any neglected individuals.


The phone box comes in opposite colors, and offers a various for a Pixel 2 XL or a iPhone 8 Plus. 

Royal Holdings

Royal Holdings opted to go with a iPhone 8 Plus and Pixel 2 XL since of their size. Oberholzer pronounced he couldn’t use a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus since a executive chain of a camera done it formidable to build a attachment.

Beyond corporate clients, Oberholzer pronounced SWORD has garnered seductiveness from a Department of Homeland Security.

“This form of product doesn’t exist right now,” he said. 

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