This Pixel 2 came with dull wrapping for what looks like connected Pixel Buds

Google doesn’t gold a Pixel 2 phones with earphones, though one man’s Verizon device came with empty packaging for what looks like a connected chronicle of Pixel Buds, or during slightest earphones in that style, as speckled by Android Police. Google has given reliable to a announcement that that was an early package pattern though didn’t explain how it done a approach into a customer’s hands.

User Lucas Everett tweeted photos of a wrapping and pamphlet from his Pixel 2 box, that shows a connected span of earphones with a USB-C tie and an in-line remote. The pamphlet shows a earbuds can be practiced by resizing a cord to form a smaller or bigger loop (like a Pixel Buds). Everett tweeted that a Verizon store pronounced nothing of a other boxes enclosed a dull tray or anxiety to a connected buds in a booklet.

His package also did not embody a 3.5mm headphone to USB-C adaptor — Verizon had to take one from another box and give it to him. This indicates Google had during slightest designed to gold a Pixel 2 with a connected headset. Why it instead chose to only embody a dongle, which costs $9 if we remove it, isn’t clear, as other flagship devices, like a iPhone 8, are shipped with both a dongle and a span of earbuds.

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