This SNES-Style Nintendo Switch Controller Is Designed to Play 32 Years of Games

Nintendo’s recently-announced classic games service will eventually move your favorite 8-bit and 16-bit titles to a Switch. And when it finally launches, 8Bitdo’s new SNES30 Pro controller looks like it could be a ideal approach to play all from a strange NES’ Super Mario Bros., to a Switch’s Zelda: Breath of a Wild.

Based on a curvy pattern of a Super Nintendo controller, a SNES30 Pro has a informed directional pad on a left side, with Y, X, B, and A buttons on a right. But it adds a span of analog joysticks to a mix, positioned identical to where you’d find them on a Playstation’s DualShock controller, as good as additional shoulder buttons to compare what a Switch’s Joy-Con controllers can do, and a USB-C charging port.


The SNES30 Pro also rumbles, and has a gyroscope inside so it can be used with motion-controlled facilities in games, such as aiming a crawl and arrow in Breath of a Wild. It’s not Switch-only, however. Using Bluetooth we can bond it to Windows PCs, Macs, and Android mobile devices.

Available closer to a holidays, there are no pricing sum for a SNES30 Pro only yet, though it will presumably be cheaper than a costly $70 Switch Pro Controller given what previous 8Bitdo controllers go for.


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