Tidal’s high-fidelity ‘Masters’ audio mode lands on iOS apps

Tidal might be a apart aspirant to Apple Music and Spotify, though many like Neil Young’s PonoMusic, Tidal is gripping a high-fidelity strain use going distant past a approaching death date.

Tidal’s many premium-est audio vision, Tidal Masters, gives your tunes a studio-quality flog (typically 96 kHz / 24 bit), a estimable strike over what a HiFi streaming delivers. The “Master Quality” audio initial came to a luckless Essential Phone, afterwards Tidal rolled out a underline to Android phones this past January, and it’s now accessible on iOS inclination as of today.

Tidal pitches a additional high-end mode for strain peculiarity as “exactly as a artist dictated it to sound.”

It’s not going to change how we listen to your whole library; in January, a association minute that about 165,000 of a marks had support for a high-end bitrate. Tidal says that we also contingency be a subscriber of Tidal HiFi, that sets we behind $19.99 per month.

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