Tipping Point: 48% of Consumers Will Own An Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod By 2019

A third of American consumers now possess an Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod, according to new investigate by Adobe. But by a finish of a arriving holiday season, that series will strike roughly 50%.

Many stream intelligent orator owners are regulating voice to emporium and do product research. Half also use voice assistants for news, seeking questions, and online search.

Voice activities are expanding over song and weather, Adobe saysAdobe

The series of intelligent pronounce owners is adult 14% usually from Jan 2018, Adobe says. And that’s changing how we perspective voice.

While many still are heedful of articulate to their phones in public, people who possess intelligent speakers — and are therefore most some-more gentle with articulate to their tech — are most some-more expected to use voice. 38% of non-smart-speaker owners increasing their use of voice assistants over a past year, though 76% of intelligent orator users used voice some-more often.

And roughly half, 44%, of intelligent orator owners use use mixed times per day. Only 8% “almost never” speak to their tech.

How does this fit into retail?

How intelligent orator owners use voice assistants for shoppingAdobe

Half of consumers with intelligent speakers use them for product search, and 43% use them for easy origination of selling lists. A third do cost comparisons, and about a entertain use intelligent speakers for things like checking for deals, removing store locations, fixation orders for delivery, and checking sequence status.

21% also use their Echoes and Google Homes to re-order frequently-purchased items.

That’s huge, since a large fragment of a annual spend is on repeated items. We might usually buy one or dual pairs of boots a year, though we substantially buy and re-buy milk, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other necessities over and over and over.

The biggest change that we’re saying from intelligent speakers, however, is a flourishing comfort with voice.

While usually 29% of non-smart-speaker owners are OK with chatting to Siri or Google Assistant on a go, 72% of intelligent orator owners are comfortable using voice in in front of others. And they’re 3 times some-more expected to use voice assistants daily on smartphones.

On laptops? Four times some-more likely.

Wearables? 13 times some-more likely.

And cars? Six times some-more likely.

Interestingly, when you’ve left voice-first, we can’t go back. While usually 23% of non-owners are formulation to squeeze a intelligent orator for themselves in a entrance holiday season, 45% of stream owners are looking to get another one. And 23% of them are formulation to buy an Echo or Google Home for someone else.

That liquid will pull adoption to roughly 50%, Adobe says.


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