To Collaborate On Content We Need Less Google Drive, More Google Maps



The record folder has been a common nonetheless undisputed customary when it comes to organizing and pity content. For some-more than a century — seriously, starting behind with a U.S. Civil War — we’ve been usually lerned to use folders and subfolders as an nurse complement for storing, acid and anticipating information. It’s right adult there with a Dewey Decimal System and Linnaeus’ complement of class sequence in terms of how zodiacally supposed it is. From a earthy record cupboard in a bureau (some people still use those, right?) to a digital record folders we all use on a personal computers, could we ever suppose operative though them? Well, we entice we to try, since a destiny of your business competence depend on it.

Before we plead a predestine of a folder, let’s speak about because we competence need a change. What’s so wrong with a record folder? It’s simple, it’s discerning and it follows a judicious settlement for organizations that anyone can master. The record folder has been a default filing complement used by Apple, Microsoft and others for decades — a GUI breakthrough that helped coax a arise of personal computers in a 1990s. Shouldn’t that tell us a record folder is a ultimate organizational paradigm?

Well here’s because a record folder competence be holding any business and workman back: It could emanate too many attrition for how we work today. Whether we work as a group of one, a group within a department, a cross-department group or are partial of a multi-organization team, anticipating information and pity it quick has turn crucial. File folders are time-consuming, leave too many hidden, and even with a many modernized hunt functions, it’s tough to find specific information or files.

Consider how many time many of us spend any week acid for a right file. First, we demeanour in a folders on your computer, afterwards a ones common in Google Drive until we finally find it in your Dropbox folder. After downloading it, we doubt if it’s a right version, so we hunt by your emails to see if there’s a some-more stream chronicle that’s been circulated though not nonetheless combined to a Dropbox folder. You open and close, open and tighten and open and tighten a documents. Multiply this over a week, a month, a year and that’s time (and sanity) we and your group members can’t means to lose.

Because we can’t indeed see what you’re looking for — instead, what we see are capricious record names and formats – we have to go by a earthy routine of opening a record before we know for certain what’s in it.

What if there was a better, easier way?

What if we could only see a square of calm or all a calm regardless of format or where it’s stored in a full state automatically though carrying to open anything? It would be like carrying cat-scan prophesy into all of your content, saving we thousands of hours and hair-pulling. Better yet, what if we could see a calm while also annotating and utilizing a calm in a same step? And what if other group members could do a same, all in one place?

I trust visible entrance contra record entrance is where we are headed. Instead of a array of record folders and subfolders, we need to pierce to a some-more geospatial approach. Think Google Maps for content. Your calm is a array of pinpoints or plcae markers on a map that is searchable and we can wizz in and out only as we would on a digital map that’s henceforth set during “street view.”

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