Tudia Essential Phone box lineup review

The Essential Phone is a initial device from a new association and is being sole in sincerely tiny numbers. As such, third-party support for a Essential Phone started out unequivocally weak. Cases were few and distant between, yet Tudia has combined an whole lineup with a box for any person.

The Tudia GLOST is a flagship box and is advertised as “ceramic feel.” The inside is tough cosmetic with a good hardness while a edges are done out of rubber (harder than a normal TPU element used in cases). The rubber edges are flattering estimable and strengthen from shocks as good as strengthen a arrangement when a device is placed face down.


The “ceramic feel” apportionment of a box is a gradual potion back. Tempered potion sounds like a terrible thought for a case, yet it creates an amazing, higher-end feel for a device that feels so reward that it’s roughly rapist to keep it in a case. The feel of potion in your palm is extraordinary while hold is uncompromised interjection to a rubber edges. The rubber also facilities 4 feet, one in any corner, to keep a potion from touching a aspect it’s placed on. This means a behind of a box is thick.


All of a cutouts for a camera, fingerprint sensor, earpiece, and all else are perfect. The buttons still feel good with a box on. The fit and finish of this box is flawless and a good feel of a potion behind is topping on a cake. Plus, a marble hardness looks great. You can possibly compare a tone to your black or white phone, get gold, marble, or a pleasing Ocean Green (while we wait for a central Ocean Depths color). Unfortunately, we can pattern a tradeoff to be a cracked behind row in a eventuality of a critical drop.


You can collect adult a Tudia GLOST for $19.90 in 5 colors.


The Tudia TAMM is a many “regular” of a 4 cases. It is a simple TPU box identical in pattern to a GLOST, yet though a gradual potion row and with a further of a unconventional design.


The fit and finish are positively flawless and all of a cutouts are well-shaped. The fingerprint reader cutout in sold is good since it has a “ramped” partial during a bottom to beam your finger in. The buttons feel good as well, remaining clicky and easy to press. Unfortunately, a “futuristic” pattern is a bit polarizing. Thankfully it’s not as two-toned as it looks in photos, as a whole thing is black with some shimmer bits.


It’s a lightweight, really protecting box for a low price. You can collect adult a Tudiia TAMM in black, gray, or blue for $12.90.


The Tudia SKN is a TPU box done for limit grip. The whole thing is a single color, and we have the choice of clear, smoke, or black. The pure box is entirely pure with a dotted hardness on a behind that easily accents a Essential Phone’s ceramic back.


For improved grip, a sides have a really clever solid hardness while is really useful when retaining a device. Just like with a other cases, it has a mouth to keep a arrangement from touching a aspect it’s placed on, a buttons sojourn clicky and easy to press, and all of a cutouts are great.


You can collect adult a Tudia SKN for $12.90.


The Tudia LULA is an peculiar one. It’s a polycarbonate bombard with a hulk cutout for a 360 camera. It’s for people who use their 360 cameras mostly yet still wish protection, as even a skin can stop a wireless USB signal.


It’s a really slim and stout box with a soothing touch, somewhat grippy finish. The lead slate version has a really good lead tone to it. All of a cutouts are perfect, including a good cutout for a 360 camera to snap into. The fingerprint sensor hole has a same “ramp” beam for your finger.


The usually problem is a energy button; it plain sucks. It’s really formidable to press, expected since it doesn’t have enough element on it. Slipping a skinny square of card underneath a symbol (I used a splinter of a card that came inside a case) indeed creates it feel ideal and clicky. It goes from awful to awesome. If we collect this box up, give that pretence a try.


You can collect adult a Tudia LULA in matte black, lead slate, mint, and rose bullion for $10.90.

Tudia has put out a low cost, high peculiarity lineup of cases for a phone that many could cruise “niche.” The usually injured box is a LULA yet it’s easy to fix. It’s good to see a manufacturer support a Essential Phone! we do wish that Tudia makes a fender box for a device next. Hit any of a links if we wish to collect one up!

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