TV hosts awkwardly make ‘Charlie bit my finger’ stars re-enact YouTube clip

A decade after one of a initial viral YouTube videos took a internet by storm, a span obliged for a shave have recreated it during an agonisingly ungainly talk on Australian TV.

In a truly agonizing shave with Australian network Channel Nine’s Today, a span behind Charlie Bit My Finger are urged to re-enact a iconic impulse – nonetheless they’re frequency vehement by a idea, and usually commence a repartee half-heartedly.

However horde Karl Stefanovic can be seen amatory each impulse of a re-enactment regardless, shouting maniacally and pumping his fist as a dual boys reluctantly retrace a mythological moment.

The strange video was hugely renouned when it was initial posted on YouTube in May 2007, with a shave now sitting on some-more than 850 million views 10 years on.

It shows a baby Charlie satirical his somewhat comparison brother’s finger to good criticism – though rather than demonstrate remorse, Charlie clearly lacks a cognitive ability to be means to realize what he’s finished and only laughs a occurrence off.

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