‘Ultrasecure’ Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner can be simply tricked, contend hackers


Samsung’s high-end Galaxy S8 handset is perplexing to move iris-scanning to a masses.

Image: Luke Lancaster/CNET

Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC), a princely organisation of white-hat hackers, claims to have figured out a comparatively candid proceed to pretence a iris-recognition complement on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The CCC has a prolonged story of annoying tech firms by demonstrating vulnerabilities in their biometric authentication systems. A few years ago, CCC hackers showed how a sketch of an iPhone user’s fingerprint could be used to emanate a feign finger that a Apple device would accept for unlocking.

Fingerprint scanners are of march common now, though Samsung’s high-end handset is perplexing to move iris-scanning to a masses. According to a CCC, that’s a mistake as it’s disturbingly elementary to emanate a ‘dummy eye’.

A CCC video (see below) shows how elementary a pretence is. In it, someone uses a night mode on a unchanging Sony digital camera to secretly take an infrared shot of a phone user’s eyes, from a assuage distance.

Chaos Computer Club has done a video to uncover how Samsung’s iris scanner can be fooled.

Source: CCC

The pattern is cropped and printed out on, cheekily, a Samsung printer during life size. A hit lens is placed on a printed iris, to give it a suitable curvature, and a Galaxy S8 accepts this as authentication for unlocking a phone.

As a hacker common noted, Samsung Pay, that launched in a UK only final week, gives users a choice of regulating iris or fingerprint scans to sanction payments.

“If we value a information on your phone, and presumably wish to even use it for payment, regulating a normal PIN-protection is a safer proceed than regulating physique facilities for authentication,” said CCC orator Dirk Engling.

“The confidence risk to a user from iris approval is even bigger than with fingerprints as we display a irises a lot. Under some circumstances, a high-resolution pattern from a internet is sufficient to constraint an iris.”

Neither Samsung nor Princeton Identity, a association that creates a iris-recognition procedure for a Galaxy S8, had responded to a ask for criticism during a time of writing.

However, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 confidence homepage says, “We caring deeply about your privacy. So we done a Galaxy S8 and S8+ a securest phones yet. There’s an iris scanner for assent of mind.”

Princeton Identity is a new spinoff from a US investigate outfit SRI general and is essentially saved by Samsung Ventures.

The CCC has been going for 35 years now, and has prolonged been warning opposite a use of biometric authentication.

Almost a decade ago, it managed to get reason of a fingerprint of then-interior apportion Wolfgang Schäuble, now Germany’s financial minister, from a potion that a apportion used during an event.

The organisation distributed dummies of Schäuble’s fingerprint in an try to criticism opposite a storage of Germans’ fingerprints in a country’s e-passports.

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