Uncovering The Secrets Inside The Nokia 8

Following his scratch, burn, and hook testing, Zack from JerryRigEverything has nude down a Nokia 8 to demeanour inside a latest Finnish flagship. How easy is it to get inside a smartphone, to change a screen, reinstate a battery, or work on any other repairs?

Ewan Spence

HMD Global’s Nokia 8 (image: Ewan Spence)

It’s going to need a bit of calm and it’s not a easiest of smartphones to moment open, though a simple repairs and replacements a user might wish to perform (typically a aforementioned shade and battery) are achievable.

Naturally this routine is going to nullify any guaranty we might have, and starting your possess correct will approaching meant that HMD Global won’t assistance we out if we mangle a device, though Zack walks we by a routine with a solid voice and transparent guidance:

The Nokia 8 is finally on my tear-down table. Its time to see how tough it is to correct a Nokia 8. Is a Nokia 8 built a same approach as a Nokia 6? First we will take off a screen, and afterwards uncover how to reinstate a battery inside a Nokia 8. This video shows a whole Nokia 8 disassembly, and reassembly.

As approaching for a smartphone with a well-spoken finish and exterior, there’s a lot of glue concerned to keep all in place, nonetheless not so many glue to means an issue. The focus of feverishness and a clever use of collection will open adult a unit, divulgence a standalone screen, a mid-frame that contains a battery, and a categorical circuit house with a other components.

It’s value observant that there’s no ‘hidden’ waterproofing feature, only an IP54 cover over a orator grille, that will assistance with dampness though will not stop any vital ingress.

All told, a Nokia 8 is repairable, if we are happy to spend some time doing so:

[This is] …not a easiest to phone to repair, even a Nokia 6 felt a small bit easier, though it does have many of a facilities we have come to design on flagship Androids, and a shade and battery replacements can be achieved easy enough, so it gets a thumbs adult from me.”

Now review because a Nokia 8 is Finland’s safest smartphone

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