Update: Customers influenced by personal information trickle will get Essential Phone for free

Update #3: It looks like there’s during slightest some good news for Essential’s business who have had their personal information common with a tiny organisation of people recently. Andy Rubin, Essential’s CEO, has suggested on Twitter that he skeleton on creation adult to a victims of a remoteness blunder by giving them a giveaway device. Rubin common this square of information by replying to a tweet, that we can check out below.

Update #2: Essential owner Andy Rubin has confronted a emanate head-on, noticing a blunder in patron caring that resulted in personal information from approximately 70 business being common with a tiny organisation of customers. He goes on to say:

One of a many critical jobs of a owner is to commend when things aren’t going utterly right, and make a required decisions and take movement to scold them before business are impacted. Founders are mostly faced with thousands of micro-decisions daily to keep their companies laser-focused on delivering products into a right markets during precisely a right time.

Yesterday, we done an blunder in a patron caring duty that resulted in personal information from approximately 70 business being common with a tiny organisation of other customers. We have infirm a misconfigured criticism and have taken stairs internally to supplement safeguards opposite this function again in a future. We unequivocally apologize for a blunder and will be charity a impacted business one year of LifeLock. We will also continue to deposit some-more in a infrastructure and patron care, that will usually be some-more critical as we grow.

Being a owner in an greatly rival business means we spasmodic have to eat crow. It’s humiliating, it doesn’t ambience good, and often, it’s a humbling experience. As Essential’s owner and CEO, I’m privately obliged for this blunder and will try my best to not repeat it.

I sojourn heartened and encouraged by a groundswell of support that Essential has gifted given phenomenon a association on May 30th. We continue to trust deeply in a prophesy and a creation we are bringing to life around a Home, Phone and 360 Camera products. we humbly conclude a business and channel partners for your calm and bargain as we ensue with a launch of a initial products.

You can examination a full blog post here.

Update #1: Essential has reached out to us with word that a email failure is not, in fact, a phishing attack.

While a conditions has nonetheless to be totally eradicated, an Essential worker has accurate a flawlessness of a email, definition it’s not a phishing scam.

We will be certain to refurbish we as we learn more.

Original post: If you’ve perceived an email from Essential seeking to yield “additional verifying information”, do not reply.

According to a readers, folks on Reddit, and many other reports around a web, Essential Phone business perceived an email final night from a support criticism – customercare@essential.com – claiming that a association needs “additional verifying information” to finish estimate their order. The full email, trustworthy below, asks for an choice email address, phone number, as good as a design of a print ID clearly display a customer’s photo, signature, and address.

Take a demeanour during a full email below:


Our sequence examination group requires additional verifying information to finish a estimate of your new order.  This corroboration is achieved to strengthen opposite unapproved use of your remuneration information and identical to what is conducted for in-person purchases.

Please yield an choice email and phone series to endorse this purchase..

We would like to ask a design of a print ID (e.g. driver’s license, state ID, passport) clearly display your photo, signature and address. NOTE: a residence on a ID should compare a billing residence listed on your new order.

We apologize for a nuisance and conclude your cooperation.  Once verified, we demeanour brazen to shipping your order.


Essential Products Customer Care

Essential is wakeful of a conditions however, and says it’s operative to lessen a phishing attack:

As formerly stated, do not respond to this email. If we know anyone who’s purchased an Essential Phone, greatfully pass this along.

We’ve reached out to Essential for criticism and will refurbish this post when we hear back.

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