[Update: Essential Phone too] Paranoid Android is behind with Android Pie ROMs for a Xiaomi POCO F1, Mi 8/6/5, and Mix 2S – XDA

One of a many obvious tradition ROMs around, Paranoid Android, is finally back. While a growth has been on rather of a interregnum for a few months now following a Android Oreo release, Paranoid Android is behind and formed on Android Pie. It already boasts support for a Xiaomi POCO F1, Xiaomi Mi 8, Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi 5, and a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, with beta releases entrance to a Essential Phone, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, and a Moto G5 Plus in a nearby future.

Paranoid Android for a POCO F1 (beryllium)
Paranoid Android for a Mi 5 (gemini)
Paranoid Android for a Mi 6 (sagit)
Paranoid Android for a Mi 8 (dipper)
Paranoid Android for a Mi Mix 2S (polaris)

If we don’t have any of those smartphones yet wish to give Paranoid Android a try, we can still give it a shot so prolonged as we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 smartphone regulating Android Pie. The Paranoid Android group has expelled a “QSSI,” fundamentally a Qualcomm CAF GSI that works on Project Treble-enabled inclination with specific chipsets. QSSIs are expelled by chipset and not by architecture, so it won’t run on any other chipset usually yet. There is another premonition though, and that is that your smartphone contingency not use a A/B assign system. Therefore, inclination like a OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T qualify.

Paranoid Android for a QSSI for Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 inclination only

The existence of CAF is one of a many reasons because Android smartphones regulating Qualcomm chipsets are so renouned with a growth community. While a GPLv2 permit requires that vendors recover their heart sources, that isn’t always adequate for formulating tradition ROMs formed on AOSP. This is not compulsory for SoC vendors, yet Qualcomm mostly provides a open partial of their chipset specific formula for HALs, horizon branches, and some-more that is a good advantage for developers. Developers regulating this can afterwards build for a height but meaningful how all a new chipset-specific facilities work, and but it, it can be a lot harder to build AOSP for a device.

The group has also pronounced that they are in hit with a OpenKirin group to move support to many Huawei and Honor devices. In addition, they are also in hit with XDA Recognised Developer phhusson, one of a lead developers operative on Project Treble GSIs for a tradition ROM community. As growth continues, a group hopes to supplement even some-more facilities and improvements. The initial recover is in a beta state so now usually a few changes and optimizations were done on tip of a batch Android CAF base.

Update: Essential Phone Release

A rough build for a Essential Phone has been released. Currently, night light doesn’t work and tradition kernels aren’t supported.

Paranoid Android’s Android Pie ROM for a Essential Phone

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