Update Notes for YouTube, Duo, Drive, a Google app, and some-more (September 16, 2018)

Every week, we inspect somewhere in a area of a hundred app updates while looking for changes. The many engaging things spin into APK Teardowns or Download posts. Many of a remaining updates are unremarkable, amounting to a few bug fixes, slight updates to libraries, or even usually pixel-level adjustments to layouts and images. However, there are customarily a few updates that land somewhere in between. we don’t wish to spam readers with dozens of brief posts, yet we hatred to omit things that people competence wish to know about, so I’m going to hang adult a leftovers for a tiny weekend reading and call it Update Notes.

Special interjection to נתנאל מ for a good favourite picture on this post!

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Google Duo v39

Google Duo chronicle 39 strictly brings inscription support to Android and iOS as we’ve discussed in a past, even yet this apparently already kinda happened on Android. There are technically some changes to raise a blueprint on tablets, yet that’s flattering teenager overall. A few cosmetic changes were also made, and a teardown suggested that Duo will start suggesting homescreen shortcuts to now call your contacts.

Tablet layout-ish

If you’re indeed regulating a tablet, afterwards you’ll suffer that a hit list is now orderly into mixed columns of hit photos with phone numbers rather than a single-column straight list. Otherwise, we haven’t speckled any other changes to a inscription layout. we theory we was anticipating to see something occur in a call screen, yet it looks a same to me.

Tweaked launcher icon

Left: v38. Right: v39.

For both phones and tablets, you’ll now get an updated launcher icon. we indeed unequivocally like this change, even if it is flattering pointed during a glance. The folded paper demeanour is gone, transposed by a layered camera figure in all white. The credentials is also a somewhat darker shade of blue, that helps a camera figure to cocktail usually a bit more.

Tweaked colors in a app

Left: v38. Right: v39.

If we switch into audio call mode (as against to video call), you’ll see a new credentials image. we consider a aged one was better, or during slightest some-more engaging interjection to a animations, yet oh well…

Homescreen shortcuts [Teardown]

And finally, there’s content that creates it sincerely transparent Duo will eventually advise adding shortcuts to a homescreen that will immediately launch Duo to call a specified contact. You can kinda grasp this with App Shortcuts now, yet we have to call a hit initial to get them into a list of suggestions. From a demeanour of it, Duo will try to advise formulating a shortcuts directly.


YouTube has a unchanging lineup of A/B tests running, yet aside from that, there hasn’t been many to speak about for several versions. However, we have collected a few teardown equipment over a final integrate of weeks that are value a discerning glance.

Cross device downloading [Teardown]

Downloading videos for offline observation is a flattering aged feature, and it hasn’t altered many given it was introduced. However, judging by a few new lines of text, it looks like an engaging rider is about to come along. Users competence shortly get a choice to download videos to other inclination on their account, not usually a one their now interacting with.

string name=menu_cross_device_offlineCross device offline settings/string

string name=pref_cross_device_offline_toggle_textAllow downloading to this device/string
string name=pref_cross_device_offline_no_device_namePlease mention a device name/string
string name=pref_cross_device_offline_device_name_hintEnter a name for this device/string
string name=pref_cross_device_offline_errorError updating cranky device offline state/string
string name=pref_cross_device_offline_no_gcm_registration_idPlease try again in some time/string
string name=pref_cross_device_offline_successUpdated cranky device offline state/string
string name=save_cross_device_offline_menuSave/string

Cross-device downloading substantially isn’t going to be an extensively used feature, yet it’s not tough to come adult with scenarios where it competence be useful to use your phone to start some downloads on a tablet. For example, it would be useful if we wish to download a few videos to perform a child or build a tiny collection of element to watch shortly before a prolonged flight.

Security? [Teardown]

I’m indeed flattering doubtful about this one, yet there are some new security-oriented strings appearing in both a YouTube and YouTube TV apps. These embody instructions for regulating and resetting passwords, and instructions associated to a fingerprint reader.

string name=confirm_by_touching_sensorConfirm by touching sensor/string
string name=fingerprint_other_methods_prefixVerify your criticism with your fingerprint or /string
string name=fingerprint_icon_descriptionFingerprint Icon/string
string name=use_fingerprintUse fingerprint/string
string name=use_fingerprint_suffixuse your fingerprint./stringstring name=passwordPassword/string
string name=password_other_methods_prefixVerify your criticism by entering your cue or /string
string name=use_passwordEnter criticism password/string
string name=use_password_insteadUse cue instead/string
string name=use_password_onlyVerify your criticism by entering your password./string
string name=use_password_suffixenter your password./stringstring name=fingerprint_failedNot recognized./string
string name=retry_fingerprintNot recognized, try again/string
string name=retry_passwordWrong password. Try again or click Forgot cue to reset it./string
string name=other_methods_modal_cancel_textCancel/stringAnd from YouTube TV

uses-permission android:name=android.permission.USE_FINGERPRINT /

string name=use_fingerprintUse fingerprint/string
string name=use_fingerprint_suffixuse your fingerprint./string
string name=confirm_by_touching_sensorConfirm by touching sensor/string
string name=fingerprint_failedNot recognized./string
string name=fingerprint_icon_descriptionFingerprint Icon/string
string name=fingerprint_other_methods_prefixVerify your criticism with your fingerprint or /string
plurals name=fingerprint_remaining_tries
itemYou have another %d times to try scold fingerprint./item
itemYou have another %d time to try scold fingerprint./item
itemYou have another %d times to try scold fingerprint./item

string name=use_passwordEnter criticism password/string
string name=use_password_insteadUse cue instead/string
string name=use_password_onlyVerify your criticism by entering your password./string
string name=use_password_suffixenter your password./string
string name=forgot_passwordForgot password?/string
plurals name=password_remaining_tries
itemYou have another %d times to try scold password./item
itemYou have another %d time to try scold password./item
itemYou have another %d times to try scold password./item

My reason for jealous this one is simply that it looks like these pieces could have been combined with a customary confidence library, yet YouTube isn’t indeed regulating any of it. On a other hand, with large stories of YouTube accounts belonging to famous celebrities or renouned channels that are “hacked” and videos are uploaded though permission, it’s wholly probable YouTube competence start requiring (perhaps optionally) that users take an additional step to determine themselves before edition videos.

Automatic Dark Theme switcher [Teardown]

Now that a dark thesis is live and people are enjoying a reduction assertive perspective of a app, YouTube competence already be experimenting with switching automatically between light and dim modes, substantially to compare a sourroundings of a video or a time of day.

The content isn’t unequivocally descriptive, yet it’s transparent from a name of one line that it is shown when a dim thesis is triggered. The reason is that it’s for a functions of energy savings.

YouTube Music v2.47.53

This looks like a teenager update, yet there are a few changes to resources that I’ll fast call out.

Equalizer by-pass [Teardown]

We’ve seen YouTube Music creation a delayed adoption of facilities and traits taken from Google Play Music. One of a tiny oddity sum of a Play Music app was a integrate to a device-specific Equalizer settings. This is merely a by-pass to a settings shade that only appears on phones where such a shade exists. (Have to confidant that given it has been such a indicate of difficulty in a past.) It looks like this by-pass will be combined to a settings shade in YouTube Music.

For reference, here’s what a environment looks like in a Play Music app right now.

Contrary to mis-reported rumors, this is not a built-in equalizer.

Auto-download “favorite” music

YouTube Music has featured an auto-offline underline given a beginning, and with time, that has been somewhat extended in several ways. Now it looks like a new various competence be entrance with an choice to automatically download your “favorite” music.

The phrasing is engaging since it seems to indicate this underline competence name usually songs we listen to a most, that is distinct a tide auto-offline doing that creates a mixtape built some-more around recommendations that competence or competence not already be familiar. This creates copiousness of clarity since you’re substantially guaranteed to get marks that we suffer hearing, yet you’re not going to learn anything new by this option.

Google Drive v2.18.352

We don’t speak adequate about Google Drive, yet there unequivocally are some good things function here for people that share files opposite an organization.

Priority Page, Workspaces, and Intelligent Suggestions

During a event during Cloud Next 2018, a proof was given for a new Priority page within Drive. As a video next shows, there’s a large new perspective designed for a web interface (and certainly entrance to a app, as well) that will advise papers to users formed on synthetic comprehension rather than a elementary criteria that are used today, like that files were final non-stop or common with you. There is also a new underline called Workspaces that allows users to appropriate usually a files associated particular projects or teams, that feels suggestive to tags in Gmail, creation it probable for a singular record to be partial of mixed workspaces.

Overview (31:14), Suggestions (36:10), Workspaces (38:26).

The final few updates to Drive have been adding a delayed tide of resources for this underline set, yet in a final dual versions, utterly a bit some-more was combined for Workspaces. The video unequivocally does a good pursuit of explaining how all of this works, and there’s not many of piece to supplement with an research of a APK, so I’m going to keep this brief and dump in a content for anybody that wants to demeanour during it.

string name=create_workspaceCreate Workspace/string
string name=create_workspace_dialog_titleNew workspace/stringstring name=tutorial_team_drives_introducingIntroducing Team Drives!/string
string name=tutorial_team_drives_introducing_hintTeam Drives are workspaces with elementary pity manners to keep members on a same page/string
string name=navigation_title_workspacesWorkspaces/stringstring name=save_as_workspaceSave as workspace/string
string name=saving_suggested_workspaceSaving workspace…/string
string name=dialog_text_archive_to_createTo save this workspace, you’ll have to censor an existent workspace you’re not now regulating to make room./stringstring name=max_active_workspaces_promptTo unarchive, make room for another active workspace/stringstring name=hidden_workspaces_headerHidden workspaces/string
string name=archive_workspaceHide workspace/string
string name=archiving_workspaceHiding workspace…/string
string name=archiving_workspace_failureUnable to censor workspace/stringstring name=add_to_workspaceAdd to workspace/string
string name=adding_files_failureUnable to supplement to workspace./string
string name=adding_files_messageAdding to workspace./stringstring name=archive_workspaceHide workspace/string
string name=archiving_workspaceHiding workspace…/string
string name=archiving_workspace_failureUnable to censor workspace/stringstring name=suggested_workspace_headerSuggested Workspace/string
string name=suggested_workspace_create_failedThere was an emanate saving a suggested workspace./string
string name=suggested_workspace_savedSuggested workspace saved/string
string name=suggested_workspace_saved_file_failureThere was an emanate adding files to your new workspace./stringstring name=rename_workspaceRename workspace/string
string name=renamed_workspaceRenamed workspace to %1$s/string

string name=remove_workspaceRemove workspace/string
string name=remove_workspace_confirmRemove/string
string name=remove_workspace_prompt_messageThe workspace will be henceforth removed, yet files will sojourn in their strange location./string
string name=remove_workspace_prompt_titleRemove workspace?/string

string name=create_workspace_dialog_hintUntitled workspace/string

string name=unable_to_create_workspaceUnable to emanate workspace./string
string name=unable_to_open_docUnable to open document/string
string name=unable_to_open_menuUnable to open menu for document/string
string name=unable_to_previewUnable to preview file./string
string name=unable_to_remove_from_workspaceUnable to mislay record from workspace./string
string name=unable_to_rename_workspaceUnable to rename workspace./string
string name=unarchive_workspaceUnhide workspace/string
string name=unarchiving_workspaceUnhiding workspace…/string
string name=unarchiving_workspace_failureUnable to unhide workspace/string
string name=removed_from_workspaceRemoved record from workspace./string

string name=view_workspaceView workspace/string
string name=view_workspace_content_descView %1$s/string

string name=workspace_archivedWorkspace hidden/string
string name=workspace_contains_fileFile already in workspace/string
string name=workspace_detail_empty_call_to_actionAdd files/string
string name=workspace_detail_empty_subtitleStart by adding files/string
string name=workspace_detail_empty_titleThis workspace is empty/string
string name=workspace_empty_create_messageKeep files you’re operative on in a same place so we can collect adult where we left off./string
string name=workspace_empty_messageTo emanate a workspace, go to drive.google.com on a web/string
string name=workspace_empty_titleCreate your possess personal workspace/string
string name=workspace_file_count%1$d of %2$d files/string
string name=workspace_file_limitYou’ve reached a extent of %1$d files/string
string name=workspace_remove_failedFailed to mislay workspace/string
string name=workspace_removedWorkspace removed/string
string name=workspace_suggestion_feedback_submittedFeedback submitted/string
string name=workspace_suggestion_not_helpfulNot helpful/string
string name=workspace_unarchivedWorkspace unhidden/string
string name=workspaces_tab_nameWorkspaces/string

string name=navigation_title_priorityPriority/string
string name=spark_navigation_tab_namePriority/string

string name=suggested_files_headerSuggested files/string
string name=suggested_name_selected_accessibility_announcement%1$s, selected/string

string name=notify_comments_description_only_one_suggestion_one_user_icu{RECIPIENT_GENDER,select,female{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}male{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}other{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}}}male{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}male{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}other{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}}}other{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}male{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}other{Suggested change in ‘{ITEM_TITLE}’}}}}/string
string name=notify_comments_description_short_num_suggestions_many_users_icu{RECIPIENT_GENDER,select,female{{NUM_SUGGESTIONS_1,plural,=1{}other{Suggested {NUM_SUGGESTIONS_2} changes}}}male{{NUM_SUGGESTIONS_1,plural,=1{}other{Suggested {NUM_SUGGESTIONS_2} changes}}}other{{NUM_SUGGESTIONS_1,plural,=1{}other{Suggested {NUM_SUGGESTIONS_2} changes}}}}/string
string name=notify_comments_description_short_only_one_suggestion_one_user_icu{RECIPIENT_GENDER,select,female{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested a change}male{Suggested a change}other{Suggested a change}}}male{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested a change}male{Suggested a change}other{Suggested a change}}}other{{SENDER_GENDER,select,female{Suggested a change}male{Suggested a change}other{Suggested a change}}}}/string

My one criticism on this is that it’s starting to demeanour like during slightest a Workspace underline is substantially removing sincerely tighten to ready, and we don’t design a other facilities to need as many UI, so they competence also be sincerely tighten to finished. And saying as these facilities are approaching to recover this year, and a Drive group is scarcely good during gripping to a schedule, we have tiny doubt these facilities will be rising flattering soon.

Google app 8.21.7 beta

Not all updates to a Google app embody quite engaging changes or clues for destiny features, and this happens to be one of those. Minor tweaks were done to content and graphics, yet usually one thing unequivocally stands out. The horizon has been combined for a new settings shade that will enclose options for Personal Results and Recent Pages.

Settings for Personal Results and Recent Pages

In a tide form, a blueprint of a new settings page will enclose a toggle that enables or disables a Recent Pages underline and a line that opens another shade for options associated to Personal Results.

In all likelihood, this is usually relocating a integrate of other options from their places elsewhere in a settings screens. The Recent Pages underline already has a toggle like this in a Accounts Privacy section, and a outline for Personal Results explains that it’s for handling what info shows adult in hunt from other apps we use, that sounds like a Personal page with toggles for searchable apps. It’s also probable that this will be a rising indicate for a new page that encompasses those settings and also some-more to improved support the Personal tab and Personal Search page.

In other words, there’s substantially not many here to discuss, yet if we occur to use these settings mostly or maybe have to say instructions on how to set options in one of these screens, be wakeful that they are substantially changing soon.


More tabs ...