Updated: Police Investigate Body Found in Bethesda Park

Officers located physique Thursday night in Booze Creek Stream Valley Park

The Bethesda area that backs adult to a park where a physique was found.

The Bethesda area that backs adult to a park where a physique was found.

Joe Zimmermann

Update 3 p.m.: Police have now identified a body as a blank Carroll County man.

Updated 2 p.m.: A Bethesda family was walking circuitously a rivulet behind their residence Thursday night when they saw a physique in a water.

John Hannula, a proprietor of a 7300 retard of Heatherhill Court, called military during 7:19 p.m. They arrived a brief time after and located a physique in Booze Creek Stream Valley Park, a few hundred yards from a house.

“It’s not something that happens each day around here,” he pronounced Friday. “I didn’t have a large reaction; we only called a police.”

Montgomery County military mouthpiece Sgt. Rebecca Innocenti pronounced she could not nonetheless criticism on any sum about a physique or either tainted play is suspected, though pronounced detectives are conducting a genocide investigation.

The physique has been sent to a Medical Examiner’s Office in Baltimore for an autopsy.

A Montgomery County park, a widen of Booze Creek Stream Valley Park is permitted by wooded pathways behind a houses on a street, that is circuitously where Cabin John Parkway meets I-495. The slow-moving rivulet is cramped to Bethesda and is partial of a Cabin John Watershed, using south into Cabin John Creek nearby.  

There was no military fasten during a rivulet circuitously a residence on Friday afternoon.

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