Upgrade to an unbarred Galaxy S8 for $395

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Forget profitable $750 or even $655. If we don’t mind a few scuffs, a Galaxy S8 can be yours for underneath $400.

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There are intelligent ways to live vast on a cheap. With cars, for example, demeanour during a indication that’s only entrance off a two-year lease. You should be means to measure something in good condition with low miles for extremely reduction than new.

With phones, final year’s flagships are a approach to go. Witness a Samsung Galaxy S8, that debuted final May with a not-for-cheapskates cost tab of $750.

Smash-cut to today: For a singular time, and while reserve last, Daily Steals has a refurbished unbarred Samsung Galaxy S8 for $394.99 shipped. That’s after requesting promo formula RICKGALAXY during checkout. (Yep, we finagled an additional $5 off for you!)

That’s a flattering outrageous cost drop, generally deliberation that a S8 sells new during stores like Best Buy for $655. So what’s a catch?

This is a “B-grade” refurb with a 30-day warranty. That means you’re expected to see “minor cosmetic blemishes on a physique and aspect scratches on a screen.” Unacceptable? Part of me says yes, and partial of me thinks, “It’s going in a box anyway, and we can request a shade protector… so I’d rather keep my additional $260.”

I asked a Daily Steals folks to send me some photos of one of these units so we could check a condition myself. From what we could tell, a physique scuffs were indeed unequivocally small, and a shade looked flattering pristine. Of course, that’s one example; tough to contend for certain what you’ll get.

The other emanate is a warranty. If a phone were to croak in, say, 3 months, that would unequivocally suck. Is that expected to happen? Probably not, though we never know. For what it’s worth, Daily Steals does offer a 1-year extended guaranty for $75. You’d still come out approach forward of shopping new and have additional assent of mind.

So what do we think? Would we hurl a bones on something like this? Is it even a dice-roll? Aside from a awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor, a S8 is widely regarded as a illusory phone. (Read CNET’s Galaxy S8 review for a full scoop.)

Oh, and before we forget, it’s concordant with ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon — and their several MVNOs. If you’ve been adhering with a Big Four conduit adult compartment now, we can (and should) emporium around for a improved deal: Cricket, Mint SIM, US Mobile, etc.

Your thoughts?


Joshua Goldman/CNET

Bonus deal: Speaking of reward products that dump in cost if we wait awhile, GoPro’s Ebay store is charity a GoPro Hero5 Session movement camera for $119.99 shipped.

It’s also a refurb, though a hermetic bureau refurb with a full one-year guaranty — so flattering damn tighten to new.

The Hero5 Session debuted only a year ago during $300, elucidate a lot of a issues with a strange Hero Session. It offers amenities like voice control, electronic video stabilization and USB-C — “top-notch facilities [added] to an already good design,” according to CNET’s GoPro Hero5 Session review.

However, you’ll still need a phone or inscription if we wish a viewfinder, and a built-in battery can’t be substituted out when energy runs low; you’ll have to stop and recharge (or bond supplemental power). Still, a $300 camera for $120? Awfully tempting.

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