Upgrade your on-the-go gaming with $100 off a Razer Phone

There’s a whole universe of extraordinary games on mobile right now, so it’s usually right to do them probity with a top-of-the-line phone. Lucky for you, right now we can save $100 on a Razer Phone Gold Edition, bringing a cost down to only $599.99. 

Get a full $100 off a common $699.99 cost of a Razer Phone Gold Edition, and compensate only $599.99 for this super-powered dungeon phone. 

We’ve been propitious adequate to have a critical play with a Razer Phone, a device built with a things gamers’ value many in mind. “When we started creation a phone, it wasn’t a gaming phone, it was a phone for a gamer” says Tom Moss, trainer of all things mobile during Razer. “It was critical to us that it stood on a possess as a good smartphone, exclusive all else… and to make it a latest and biggest in terms of performance.” 

That mindset means it’s make-up some critical specs underneath that secrecy bomber exterior. It’s got 8GB of DDR4 RAM that’s entirely permitted by a system, Dolby Atmos speakers that container punch and face forwards (so you’re not restraint them when we reason a phone), and a 5.72-inch LCD screen.

“We have a diversion upholder focus that will concede we to set preferences per diversion on your phone for resolution, CPU time speed, support rates, all that kind of stuff,” says Moss. “It’s so we don’t have to change a concept settings all a time – we can optimize them for any kind of diversion we have on your phone.”

Our reviewer desired it, job it an “an loser to consider,” and observant a “terrifyingly well-spoken 120Hz modernise rate” that “makes all from Twitter to Pokemon Go feel like interacting with your phone in a totally opposite way.”

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