Use Original Cartridges On Your SNES Mini With This Classic 2 Magic Attachment

@SimplyCinnamon53 “Using this is legal”

Straight from a above article:

There’s also a ability to play backup ROMs and duplicate ROMs interjection to a inclusion of a USB Drive. The appendage also allows several other video diversion emulators to be played on a SNES Mini and is even concordant with a NES Classic Mini.

At best, this appliance is usually half-legal, given it apparently advertises a use of ROMs.

As for your doubt “where to download ROMs now?”, if we truly consider that a sites that were recently sealed down by Nintendo, or a sites like Emuparadise that have private their Nintendo-related content, or sites like Coolroms (which by a approach doesn’t have any Nintendo-related calm anymore either, nor does it enclose any viruses) are a usually good alternatives, afterwards we should do some some-more research, since that couldn’t be over from a truth.

There are still hundreds of locations left, some of that even of aloft peculiarity than Emuparadise, that is already one of a improved sites, despite not for Nintendo-related calm anymore.

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