Vehicle fire, probable explosion, closes many of Beltway in Bethesda …

The Capital Beltway in Montgomery County not usually incited into a self-evident parking lot Saturday evening, though it also became an unpretentious cruise area and distraction center, as trade corroborated adult for miles following a automobile fire.

No injuries were reported in a propane-fueled glow in an RV on a middle loop only over River Road, pronounced state military Sgt. Ryan Shaffer. The glow was authorised to bake itself out, Shaffer said. The means of a glow was not immediately known.

The glow was reported about 5:20 p.m. Soon after, trade shutdowns began to emanate prolonged lines of cars on possibly side of a scene. At one point, all lanes were reported close in both directions.

“Wrong day to eat an underneath 100 calorie lunch,” pronounced engineer Nicki Hicks, who joked that she was removing inspired and “about to yield underneath a chair to find an aged french fry.”

After about 50 minutes of trade standstill, “we beheld people starting to get out of their cars,” pronounced Joseph Otero, who was on his approach to Northern Virginia.

Children played cards on a roadway, he said. In a dull middle loop lanes, Otero saw people “throwing softballs.”

Behind him was a automobile with people headed to a party, he said. They had cupcakes, and in a suggestion of a evening’s unpretentious amity, started handing them out to other stalled motorists and their passengers.

After roughly dual hours, Otero said, trade began moving. After pushing solemnly past a stage of a fire, he saw a line of stalled cars that had been headed in a other direction.

The line seemed to extend all a approach behind to Tysons Corner in Fairfax County, he said, and “they weren’t relocating during all.”

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