Video shows Nokia 6 is built like a tank only like aged Nokia phones …

The biggest doubt on everyone’s mind after Nokia announced their quip into a mobile diversion was either these new inclination would keep a mythological tank-like build peculiarity of prior Nokia’s.

Now we can lay these fears to rest as it has been reliable that a company’s initial Android smartphone, a Nokia 6 is intensely durable and is built like a tank.

JerryRigEverything, a renouned YouTuber, who performs blemish tests and teardowns on smartphones in sequence to exam their durability, called a Nokia 6 a contender for many durable phone of 2017. He was immensely tender with how a smartphone is put together and with a palliate during that one could perform repairs.

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The video reveals a smartphone has a steel mid-plate, that when sandwiched between a steel behind and shade creates it roughly unfit to hook or repairs a device easily.

Additionally, a device has screws. Loads and loads of screws. The steel image is hold down to a behind by a whopping 19 screws. If that is not enough, there are many some-more screws to be found underneath holding pivotal components like a motherboard and charging pier in place.

He has also made another video in that he performs his signature continuance exam on a smartphone by subjecting it to scratches, fire and a ever renouned hook test. Here also a smartphone excels.

The Gorilla Glass stable shade is unblushing by keys and coins and as a front confronting camera is embedded underneath a display, it is also stable from scratches. The back of a device is done from metal, that he attacks with a razor blade in a video. (Warning: Graphic scenes of phone torture!).

The back camera is also lonesome with glass, that creates it defence to scratches from keys and coins. Many smartphone manufacturers tend to cover a back camera in plastic, that creates it really receptive to scratches. The LED peep however, is lonesome with plastic. This is not that large of a problem however as light emanates even from a scratched adult flash.

Lastly, he subjects a smartphone to a dreaded hook exam where smartphones like a Nextbit Robin and Nexus 6P have catastrophically unsuccessful previously. Here also however a Nokia 6 passes with drifting colors with a steel image creation a device impossibly formidable to bend.

So there we have it. The new Nokia smartphones are as durable as a Nokia’s of old. Will they be as popular? That is a doubt that can usually be answered with time.

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