Volvo Will Bake Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google Assistant Into New Infotainment Systems

Following a proclamation of an Android-based infotainment system final year, Volvo is holding another step toward integrating a tech with Google. The Swedish automaker will supplement Google Maps, a Google Play Store, and Google Assistant to destiny versions of a Sensus infotainment systems.

Some Google apps are already accessible to Volvo drivers by Android Auto, though instead of raised calm from a phone onto a car’s infotainment system, a apps will now be baked directly into a car’s system. Through a Google Play Store, Volvo pronounced it will eventually be means to offer “thousands” of apps on a infotainment system.

Since these systems will be Android-based, Volvo remarkable program updates and new apps pushed by Google will be done accessible to drivers in genuine time, identical to how Android smartphone users get real-time updates.

For Android users, during least, a Google-Volvo partnership should make life easier. Not usually will a same informed Google apps be accessible on their cars’ dashboard screens, though a underlying program will be common by automobile and phone. But that doesn’t meant Volvo’s preference to gaunt on Google was an apparent one.

Whether automakers should continue to arise their possess infotainment systems and apps, or only rest on tech companies like Google, is an critical question. Not everybody in a automobile industry is happy about a arise of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, though it’s tough to disagree with a proof of regulating a same informed graphics and controls from smartphones in cars. At a same time, automakers risk ceding profitable domain to tech companies.

If new-car buyers are unequivocally as spooky with smartphone connectivity as a automobile and tech industries contend they are, afterwards it won’t be startling if other automakers are wavering to follow Volvo’s lead. Doing so could meant losing control of a vital partial of a vehicular experience, one that could turn even some-more critical with a growth of autonomous driving and connected services.

In a press release, Volvo pronounced it will continue to arise a possess software, including apps and connected services, regulating a “growing force of program engineers.”

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