Want a HomePod? Best Buy’s $50 cost dump creates it a some-more appealing purchase

The HomePod competence not have been all we wanted it to be, yet there’s no genuine denying that it’s one of a best sounding intelligent speakers we’ve heard. Even yet it’s blank a few facilities we’d love, a interest goes adult serve with each cost drop. And wouldn’t we know, Best Buy is now selling a HomePod for $50 off, that brings a cost down to only next $300. Hey, we’re removing there, right?

You can get it in space gray or white. If we wish a some-more consummate opinion about a HomePod, be certain to check out our review. We were quite tender by a approach a sound feels a same regardless of where we’re station in a room, and a approach Siri could know us vocalization in normal tones even when a orator was pumping out trounce steel during high volumes.

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We didn’t like how it doggedly sealed we into Apple Music for a voice commands—although we can control services like Spotify by AirPlay on your phone—or how synced, multi-room HomePod stereo support wasn’t a launch feature. And during this indicate we’re violence a passed horse, yet Siri should unequivocally be improved in ubiquitous during this point.

But on a splendid side, some of that’s removing better. Multi-HomePod syncing is during final on a approach with AirPlay 2, and Siri can finally supplement events to your calendar by HomePod as of iOS 11.4.

Look during it this way: For all of a disastrous press and (seemingly) ho-hum HomePod sales, a device still boasts an considerable 4.4 out of 5 rating out of 555 reviews on Best Buy’s site. Virtually everybody loves a sound peculiarity and a ridiculously easy setup.

HomePod’s still got a prolonged approach to go, yet it’s looking improved by a day. This competence be a good time to bound in and see what it’s all about.

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