Watch a Newest Ads on TV From FedEx, YouTube Red, Match and More

Every weekday, we move we a Ad Age/iSpot Hot Spots, new TV commercials tracked by, a real-time TV ad dimensions association with courtesy and acclimatisation analytics from some-more than 7 million intelligent TVs. The ads here ran on inhabitant TV for a initial time yesterday.

A few highlights: One of a workers during a brick-and-mortar bookstore called Conspiracy Books is rarely questionable about how good their online sales have been given they switched to shipping with FedEx Ground. Match—aka—says it’s for people who are “looking for a real relationship.” And YouTube Red, YouTube’s subscription streaming service, promotes a rather meta strange half-hour comedy “Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television,” that premieres Oct. 25.

Conspiracy Bookstore

My Stuff

Real Relationship

Take on a Other Guys

Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television*

Data supposing by, Attention and Conversion Analytics for TV Ads

TV Impressions – Total TV ad impressions delivered for a code or spot.
Est. TV Spend – Amount spent on TV airings for a brand’s spots.
Attention Score – Measures a inclination of consumers to miscarry an ad play on TV. The aloft a score, a some-more finish views. Actions that miscarry an ad play embody changing a channel, pulling adult a guide, fast-forwarding or branch off a TV.
Attention Index – Represents a Attention of a specific artistic or module chain vs a average. The normal is represented by a measure of 100, and a sum index operation is from 0 by 200. For example, an courtesy index of 125 means that there are 25% fewer interrupted ad plays compared to a average.

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