Waze’s Incident Reporting Feature is Now Available on Google Maps

Google acquired traffic-information app Waze 5 years ago and integrated it with Google Maps, though users are usually now removing one of Waze’s many renouned features: occurrence reporting.

Waze’s occurrence stating apparatus lets users dwindle highway work, crashes, and stopped vehicles, giving drivers real-time information on trade issues. Android Police speckled a underline in Google Maps about dual weeks ago, and some-more recently users reported it being active on their phones. Google subsequently told The Verge that occurrence stating has been live for several months on Android.

Although they are both owned by Google, Waze and Google Maps sojourn apart apps. Waze has proven renouned with drivers since it shows trade conditions in genuine time and helps drivers navigate around slowdowns (but blindly following a directions isn’t always a good idea). But that doesn’t meant a app Google bought is siphoning users divided from a app it grown itself.

As The Verge points out, a dual apps don’t have to contest for users. Waze’s facilities make it a improved choice for drivers, though Google Maps is some-more of an all-purpose navigation app. It can be used for walking, bicycling, and open movement directions, as good as anticipating information on plcae businesses. Waze is most some-more narrowly focused on pushing and trade conditions.

Waze has also experimented with services over navigation. It launched Waze Carpool in 2017 to bond people in need of a float with drivers peaceful to lift passengers. Unlike ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, Waze doesn’t make any income off a rides; it usually charges riders what a app calculates is satisfactory to cover gas. But Waze Carpool is usually accessible in a limited series of markets.

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