Weekly check results: a Razer Phone 2 gets some love, though will have to quarrel for a win

Gamers are a captious bunch, so while a Razer Phone 2 got a strongly certain response in final week’s poll, it held some critique too. It seems that those who voted opposite a Razer see a Asus ROG Phone as a loyal personality in smartphone gaming instead.

One indicate that came adult mostly is that a ROG has an additional USB-C pier for accessories. And a 3.5mm headphone jack – this is flattering critical as many multiplayer games rest on voice discuss for coordinating with your teammates. Heavyweights PUBG and Fortnite have local support for voice chat.

But we need a low-latency tie for gaming, so unchanging Bluetooth audio will not cut it, we have to buy pricier aptX Low Latency headphones. Okay, okay, we won’t spin this into a “bring behind a audio jack” rant.

Still, on a subject of accessories, some of we were unfortunate with touchscreen controls and wish hardware controls. Razer has suspicion of that, a Raiju Mobile is a Bluetooth controller with a shave to reason a phone. And it costs $150/€150 (well, there are cheaper third-party accessories out there).

And some are not assured by a 120Hz screen. Unfortunately, this is something we need to knowledge in chairman – there’s unequivocally no approach to reconstruct a knowledge on a 60Hz guard with a 60fps video.

All things considered, a Razer Phone 2 is a challenging entrance in a smartphone gaming field. But if a phone can tempt some of a non-gaming audience, it will be an even bigger success (it is a rarely able Android flagship, after all).

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