What Castlevania Looks Like as a First-Person Shooter

Castlevania has been a good 2D diversion authorization and a controversial 3D diversion franchise, though this new fan plan imagines what Castlevania competence demeanour like as a first-person shooter. 

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While we’re not certain that anybody has ever unequivocally requested a first-person shooter take on a Castlevania franchise, that didn’t stop a fan by a name of Batandy from formulating Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny

This plan is indeed a reconstitute of a strange Castlevania for a NES, though you’ll be forgiven for not noticing it as such deliberation that a first-person viewpoint radically turns a NES classical into something else entirely. Indeed, Simon Destiny‘s many apparent ties to a authorization are all comparatively minor. You’ll still use a whip, for instance, you’ll still rest on holy water, and there are still copiousness of skeletons to uncover what for. 

However, Simon’s Destiny is not Metroid Prime. It doesn’t aim to safety and develop a hint of a Castlevania authorization while utilizing a first-person format. Instead, it imagines what Castlevania competence demeanour like as a some-more action-oriented first-person shooter. In fact, a diversion unequivocally does resemble an old-school Doom mod. 

Having pronounced that, one could make a evidence that this fan plan does a flattering important pursuit of reminding we only how fun those strange Castlevania games were while also implementing an surprising change in perspective. If you’ll recall, 2D Castlevania games were all about a fun of defeat your approach by classical fear environments while occasionally cursing during your possess incompetence. While a fluidity of those movement practice doesn’t utterly interpret to a first-person shooter format, there is an peculiar clarity of fun to be found to be found in using by a project’s levels and destroying all that comes your way. 

If you’re extraordinary if this thought is value exploring serve in a destiny – should Konami ever confirm to make a fully-fledged Castlevania diversion again – we can download Simon’s Destiny for giveaway right here

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