What is Bethesda teasing with these images of Big Ben and a rocket …

Update: Another bizarre chatter has seemed on a Bethesda feed, temperament a same shade of pinkish and “5-14” numerics though differently carrying no apparent tie to a Big Ben chatter from progressing today.

It’s reasonable to assume that Bethesda is going to keep this adult for awhile, so keep an eye on a Twitter account if we wish to follow along.

Original story: 

Bethesda tweeted an picture of Big Ben today, a hands of a famous time embellished pinkish and withdrawal a splendid allegation as they transport opposite a face. What does it mean?

Well, let’s speak about a possibilities. The pinkish positively could be a anxiety to Rage 2: only yesterday, after Walmart potentially marred a garland of E3 diversion announcements by posting a list of arriving games, Rage’s chatter posted a improvement in splendid pink, that is many expected acknowledgment that Rage 2 is on a way. Is London a environment of Rage 2?

The clock’s pinkish hands are staid during 5:14, that competence interpret to a date: May 14. That’s this entrance Monday, so this chatter could be a pre-announcement to an arriving announcement. Maybe we’ll get a trailer for Rage 2 on Monday?

So, the income is on a Rage 2 announcement, though what else could it mean? A new diversion set in London? An aged array (Fallout) set in London? Skyrim will be playable on Apple Watch? It’s time for some-more Brink?

If you’ve got improved theories, let us know.

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