What is a Best Controller Adapter for NES Classic Edition?

Who should buy this controller adapter?

Anyone who still has strange NES controllers somewhere around a residence or in storage, and prefers their strange controllers. If we also have a NES Advantage joystick, other fighting sticks or peripherals, and wish to use them with your NES Classic Edition, afterwards we should demeanour into this adapter.

Is it a good time to buy this adapter?

Since a NES Classic is easy to find in batch right now (finally), a lot of people are means to collect it adult whenever they wish to. Not many people might have a strange NES controllers and peripherals though, so we should design this adapter to be in batch on Amazon for utterly a while. The Hyperkin site, while cheaper than Amazon, is now out of stock, though you’ll wish to check behind frequently.

Why would we need an adapter for my NES Classic Edition?

Unfortunately, your initial NES Classic Edition squeeze comes with one controller. But hey, a NES Classic isn’t a new console, it’s usually a miniaturized chronicle of a super aged one. Maybe we still have that strange NES laying around somewhere in a house. If we have a original, afterwards we should still have a controller or dual for it, right?

With a adapter, we can block it into a controller pier on a NES Classic Edition, and afterwards block in your old-school NES controller into a dongle. This allows it to work with a NES Classic Edition, so we don’t need to squeeze another controller to go with a complement — it usually works with your existent equipment.

If we have your strange NES controllers, afterwards Hyperkin’s adapter allows we to use them with your NES Classic.

If we have a strange NES Advantage Joystick somewhere, or any other joystick that worked with a strange NES, afterwards yes, we can use it with your NES Classic Edition too, as prolonged as we have a Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Adapter plugged in.

Since a joysticks from behind in a day used a same block as a customary NES controller, all we need to do is block it in and play! Additionally, any other strange NES or Famicom peripherals and accessories will work with a adapter as prolonged as it has a same block as a customary NES controller.

Unfortunately, given a NES and SNES used opposite plugs for a controllers, this adapter usually works for a NES Classic Edition and strange NES/Famicom peripherals.

Alternatives to a Hyperkin NES Controller to NES Classic Adapter

If you’re looking for something other than a Hyperkin adapter, there are some alternatives to check out.

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