What Nintendo’s SNES Classic needs most

Mini SNES reportedly in growth during Nintendo

Nothing’s official, though sources advise we might see a miniaturized Super Nintendo Entertainment System by late 2017.

by Ashley Esqueda

Let’s accept dual things: a NES Classic, that crazily-popular small diversion console, looks like it will disappear forever. (Why? No one unequivocally knows.) And, if reports are accurate, an SNES Classic will make a unavoidable entrance after this year.

Of course, we all knew an SNES Classic would be a subsequent step. Nintendo wants to mine a childhood in bite-sized increments, and offer it adult solemnly and deliberately.

But if an SNES Classic is unequivocally coming, to reconstruct a Super Nintendo Entertainment System and a mythological 16-bit library, good afterwards Nintendo had improved do this right. Of course, it should container in all a classic games. But here’s what else it should have.


These are too short.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Make a controllers wireless.

The NES Classic is adorable, though a controllers are approach too short. As in, unsentimental fun short. we indispensable to keep my NES Classic swinging divided from a TV on a circuitously list to concede a controllers to strech my chair when playing. Wireless controllers exist, and some even supplement a reset duty that skips carrying to run to your console any time we wish to collect a new diversion (yes, this happens on NES Classic).

nintendo-super-nes-controller.jpgEnlarge Image

Cut a cord.

Evan Amos / Wikimedia Commons

Include dual controllers in a box.

Only one NES controller with a NES Classic, when so many of a games have two-player modes, is cruel. The SNES Classic should have dual controllers, standard.

Include NES Mini inside.

It’s time to consider of these diversion consoles like nesting dolls. If a NES Classic is unequivocally not entrance back, afterwards package those 30 games into a SNES Classic somehow. That could also clear a aloft price.


Yes, and yes.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Keep regulating those industry-standard cables.

Micro USB for energy and a unchanging HDMI pier on a NES Classic were godsends for simplicity. Do a same on a SNES Classic, and equivocate exclusive easy-to-lose cables.

Include cross-buy download codes for Nintendo Switch.

If we wish to emanate some-more Switch fans, lay a route of sorcery breadcrumbs. If Nintendo enclosed a formula with a SNES Classic that combined a games to a Nintendo Switch owner’s library, there wouldn’t be any need to squeeze a games twice. Why would Nintendo do this? Maybe to inspire fans of retro games to make a upgrade to a some-more costly Switch. Or, during a least, offer SNES Classic owners a reward to removing those games on Switch. Nintendo explored this trail before, in a way, when it offering early Nintendo 3DS owners an Ambassador’s Program reward download of 20 NES and Game Boy Advance games.


If a SNES Classic has shortages like a NES Classic did, will people run out of patience? Or will a nonesuch process work to Nintendo’s advantage, defeat adult a consistent state of “How do we buy this” frenzy? Let’s all wish a SNES Classic is widely available, since if Nintendo discovers that this complement of limited-run newness consoles works, it’ll be bad news for anyone’s destiny holiday present planning.

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