What a Samsung Galaxy S8 means for a Note 8

If you’re meditative about shopping a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus — twin opposite sizes of promising, unequivocally eye-catching flagship specimens — afterwards we also need to consider about a Galaxy Note 8.

We know that notwithstanding Samsung’s missteps with a Note 7’s battery disaster, mobile arch DJ Koh told CNET that an “innovative” Note 8 is coming — many expected in Aug if Samsung sticks to a common cycle.

But now that a S8 and S8 Plus both have winding screens, a Bixby digital assistant and a Qualcomm or Samsung (Exynos) processor with a energy to fasten onto superfast LTE (Gigabit-class), it might leave some wondering if a Note 8 will unequivocally have anything some-more to offer than a ability to write on a shade with a signature S Pen stylus. Won’t they fundamentally be a same?

Samsung Galaxy S8’s vital makeover

This year’s flagship phone gets a voluptuous new pattern and Bixby, a house-made digital assistant.

by Jessica Dolcourt

Well, we don’t unequivocally know, since we’re 4 months divided and a gossip indent has been focused on a S8 and S8 Plus for a final few months. But we have a camber that Samsung will supplement adequate new facilities in there to captivate energy users and make some intensity S8 or S8 Plus buyers consider twice. (And let me say, this is all formed totally on speculation.)

And what about a price? Again, we don’t have any special information, though a Note phone is typically a costliest of Samsung’s handsets; customarily $100 some-more than a “Edge” (now a Plus). But we don’t doubt for a notation that Samsung will wish to make it value your while: Samsung popularized a large-screen phone with a initial Note, after all, that creates it an critical line to develop.

The S Pen does some-more than write

spiralbinder-2016-4436-014.jpgEnlarge Image

The FAA isn’t too penetrating on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

Josh Miller/CNET

Each year, a S Pen stylus does more. It becomes some-more pressure-sensitive, collects new skills and gets easier to navigate around.

You can drag and drop, illustrate, annotate, float on objects and assistance keep a shade smudge-free, a advantage of regulating a coop contra your nasty, greasy finger.

Samsung will roughly positively supplement some-more S Pen facilities this year. Who knows: We could see a Bixby by-pass on a pen, or finally get a tip to erase your scrawling when we flip it upside down like we can with this 4-year-old tablet.

Dual behind cameras in a works?

The S8 didn’t get a rumored twin cameras on a back, though Samsung could always be saving that for a Note 8, maybe with an artistic mural mode like a iPhone 7 Plus.

Better Bixby (and other extras)

I called a Bixby AI partner a furious card, and that’s since a demo that we saw wasn’t entirely finished (and it infrequently showed). But we do know that Samsung is committed to a answer to a Siri, Google Now and Amazon Alexa assistants, and will refurbish it all a approach adult to a S8 launch and good beyond.

I entirely design Bixby to be on a Note 8, and many other Samsung appliances and wiring besides. Four months would give Samsung copiousness event to fine-tune Bixby, and deliver new changes on a Note 8 before they filter out to a S8 and S8 Plus.


Wait for Note 8?

We still have a week or so to go before a S8 and S8 Plus arrive on Apr 21, so it’s too shortly to contend how good these phones are, and if we consider we should wait for a subsequent Note. The final reviews should strew a small some-more light on that.

I will contend that presumption there are no battery incidents with a S8 and S8 Plus, strange Note 7 owners who will have waited a year or some-more to get a new Note could have copiousness of extras watchful for them when a Note 8 does materialize.

But if you’re a Samsung fan who’s even a bit unhappy by some of a Galaxy S8’s facilities — a fingerprint sensor placement, a miss of a twin camera or a beta feel of Bixby — usually reason tight. Samsung still has a second possibility to wow you, and it’s expected usually 4 months away.

Samsung did not respond to a ask for comment.

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