What to design during CES 2018: HomeKit accessories, wireless charging, HomePod competition, and more

CES 2018 has arrived, and 9to5Mac is on a belligerent all week in Las Vegas to move we coverage of a newest rigging and accessories being announced on a uncover floor.

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CES can be overwhelming, so we’ve dull adult what we’re awaiting to see. While Apple doesn’t strictly have a participation during CES, roughly all of a vital iPhone and Mac appendage companies entrance new products in Las Vegas, so there will positively be many to demeanour brazen to – and a few surprises, too.


One of a vital themes during this year’s uncover is intelligent homes- and for those in a Apple ecosystem, that means HomeKit. Smart accessories with built-in HomeKit support are set to browbeat a booths and announcements all via a week. We’ve already seen new products start to drip out before a central start of a show, and many some-more will be displayed in entrance days. We’ll be highlighting some of a favorites.

Wireless Charging

With a recover of a iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X final fall, Apple unbarred a whole new marketplace for appendage makers: Qi-based wireless charging. Belkin has already announced their newest chargers for 2018, and we design that other appendage makers will follow suit. Alongside normal charging pads and mats, design to see wireless charging accessories in all shapes and sizes, done for a accumulation of opposite use cases.

HomePod Competition 

While Apple has nonetheless to boat their initial entrance into a intelligent orator market, the HomePod, competitors are cranking out new speakers left and right. Expect to see a smorgasboard of orator options during this year’s CES, from large, powerful home museum speakers to compact, inexpensive practical assistants like a Google Home Mini. This past week, it was likely that intelligent speakers will be a “fastest-growing” tech of 2018.

As a marketplace becomes some-more and some-more saturated, Apple faces an increasingly formidable challenge to make a HomePod mount out from a competition. On a some-more certain note, CES could also be a large event for a enlargement of speakers charity support for AirPlay 2. The updated wireless streaming selection improves buffering performance, and enables multi-room audio playback on iOS.

Alongside a HomePod, Beats and Sonos products have already betrothed AirPlay 2 support in a future. Several other companies partnering with Apple on AirPlay 2 products have also been announced, including Naim, Bose, Devialet, Dynaudio, Polk, Denon, McIntosh, Marantz, Bowers Wilkins, Libratone, Definitive Technology, Bang Olufse,n and BlueSound.

VR and AR

While Tim Cook has pronounced he believes in a future of protracted existence – not practical reality, that hasn’t stopped other companies from stability to try VR. A slew of new VR headsets will be uncover during CES, many of them charity 4K-resolution displays. While iPhone owners competence not advantage directly from practical existence right now, a seductiveness in a expanding market will assistance expostulate support for Apple’s ARKit, debuting final tumble in iOS 11.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin S

iPhone Photography

With any era of iPhone, Apple vastly improves a device’s imaging capabilities, in turns pulling new accessories pulling a cameras even further. DJI has kicked off this year’s CES by phenomenon a Osmo Mobile 2, an softened chronicle of a company’s renouned iPhone stabilizing rig. Expect to see some-more accessories like a Osmo on a uncover floor, alongside other pro video, audio, and photography gear.

Mac Accessories

While iPhone accessories authority a infancy of a courtesy during CES, Mac accessories typically see healthy updates as well. Last year during CES we saw new several new Mac peripherals, including batteries, keyboards, and adapters. Expect to see some-more of a same themes this year, alongside new external displays. As 4K enters a mainstream, prices continue to tumble and peculiarity continues to improve. Since Apple no longer sells a dedicated outmost arrangement of their possess for Macs, this is an appealing marketplace for other manufacturers to capture.

What are we many vehement to see during CES? Let us know in a comments what you’re expecting – and if you’re attending a uncover yourself, make certain to contend hi if we mark any of a 9to5 staff on a uncover floor. Stay tuned for some-more coverage all week long, and keep present with all announced so distant in a CES 2018 Guide.

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