What’s entrance to Google I/O and how to haven your seats

From a launch of .app domain names to sparkling announcements per Android TV, Wear OS, and Google Photos, take a hide demeanour during what Google has in store for us!

This Was Google I/O 2017

This year’s Google I/O is usually 27 days away, starting on May 8 and finale on May 10. The association has sparkling announcements in store, including Keynote Sessions during that attendees get a possibility to demeanour during how Google’s record can impact a universe around us as good as Office Hours, App Reviews, and Codelabs. Before we dive into Google’s updated I/O schedule, here is how to haven seats for Sessions in allege of I/O as reliable attendees:

  • Navigate to google.com/io/schedule, pointer in, and click on a sheet idol for any Session we wish to reserve.
  • If a sold Session has already reached a reservation capacity, you’ll see an hourglass idol instead. If you’ve assimilated a waitlist and a mark opens up, we’ll automatically change your reservation standing to reserved.
  • You can haven as many Sessions as you’d like per day, though usually one reservation/waitlist per time container is allowed.
  • Reservations will sojourn open until 1 hour before a start time for any Session.
  • NOTE: Reservations are usually accessible for Sessions, not other eventuality forms listed on a schedule.

While a full report won’t be expelled until after a categorical eventuality on May 8, the updated report on Google’s website offers us a glance of what to design from this year’s Google I/O.

Android TV – May 8 during 3 PM on Stage 8

Sascha Prueter from Google will be vocalization about “recent complement enhancements, new facilities for developers, and how a [Android TV] height is evolving.”

.app domain names ­– May 8 during 4 PM on Stage 6

According to Google, “.app, a web’s initial secure-only open top-level domain (TLD) for mobile apps and developers, is rising on May 8.” In this Session, Ben McIlwain and Adrienne Porter Felt will speak about use cases for .app domain names, HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), best practices for secure website development, and a singular confidence advantages of .app domains interjection to TLD-wide HSTS.

Wear OS ­– May 9 during 10:30 AM on Stage 8

Led by Rati Agrawal, Tom Rudick, and Dennis Troper, this Session will be about a latest developments for Wear OS (formerly Android Wear). The outline says, “Come to this eventuality to… hear about new product features, and learn best practices to emanate Wear OS apps.”

Google Photos – May 9 during 10:30 AM on Stage 5

As a association points out, Google Photos has seen implausible momentum, flourishing from 0 to 500 million monthly users in usually a few years. Google teases that this eventuality will preview some sparkling updates to Google Photos. Though it’s not transparent what these updates are exactly, a eventuality will be led by Ruchi Bezoles and Ben Greenwood from Google. It will be followed by a Google Photos Office Hour during 3:30 PM a same day.

This report will invariably be updated adult until a event, so make certain to check behind often. And if we will be attending, don’t forget to haven your seats for Keynote Sessions; for those of we who couldn’t attend in person, Google reassures that many Keynotes and Sessions will be livestreamed.


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