What’s Really Going On With Google Drive

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On Thursday, Google done a treacherous announcement that could simply shock a crap out of 800 million people: Google Drive’s going away—but actually, no, it’s not. However, there are a few things we should know about a changes that are coming.

First and foremost, a Google cloud use famous as Drive is going to be only fine. If we record in to your Google comment and implement Drive’s storage by a web browser, we substantially won’t notice any changes. But a Google Drive app for PC and Mac is strictly being deprecated and a company’s developers announced in a blog post that it will no longer be upheld starting Dec 11. Instead, you’ll need to name from one of dual new apps.

Most folks are going to wish to download Backup and Sync, that is confusingly offering during a same URL that Google Drive has prolonged used as a hub. That’s since Backup and Sync fundamentally is Google Drive, yet Google is rolling a Photo Uploader’s facilities into a package. You’ll get total storage on photos that we upload if we name a choice that somewhat compresses them. To upload your pics in their strange quality, you’ll need to compensate for additional storage. Offline use of files and device syncing will still be available.


While Backup and Sync has been around for a integrate of months, a genuine motivator behind a Drive app’s deprecation is a pull to pierce craving users over to a new Drive File Stream app. Launching on Sep 26th, File Stream is dictated to be used as a arrange of common tough expostulate for teams and organizations. All files are kept in a cloud and can be edited from anywhere. Say, for example, you’re a designer—you wouldn’t be downloading that PSD file, opening it in Photoshop, creation some changes, saving it on your tough drive, and afterwards re-uploading it to a cloud. Instead you’ll only open it true out of File Stream and save it in a same place.

Which option’s best for you? The biggest thing to ask yourself is if we wish to keep internal backups of your files. Google is using a analogy that Backup and Sync is like a folder while File Stream is like a tough drive. Here’s how a dual products differ:

Again, File Stream is designed with teams in mind. You get some-more customization options on particular files and users. Unfortunately, Google will ask we to mislay Backup and Sync if we try to use both during a same time. Pick your poison.


Personally, Backup and Sync fits my needs, and I’m not looking to make a jump into full-on cloud storage. we store about 100 gigs in a cloud, all of it corroborated adult locally, with outmost tough drives subsidy adult a back-ups. The ability to tide files from anywhere does seem good though, and this new separate celebrity for Google Drive might only be a stepping mill before a products come together in a new form down a line. The many critical thing to know is that your files are still protected and you’ll need to reinstate a Drive app with one of these choices before Mar 12, 2018, when a strange apps close down completely.


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