WhatsApp says messages on Google Drive not encrypted

WhatsApp has told a users that a end-to-end encryption it offers for messages and media on a app, will not sojourn so if a information is stored as a backup on Google’s servers.

“Media and messages we behind adult aren’t stable by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive,” WhatsApp pronounced in an refurbish on a site.

The pithy discuss comes even as a Facebook owned association pronounced on Aug 16 that it has sealed a agreement with Google to concede users to store messages on a internet company’s cloud storage charity – drive, though any share from Nov 12.

Till now, a WhatsApp user’s information could be stored on Google expostulate though this was counted within a 15 GB giveaway space that a Google comment offered.

WhatsApp had also in a past (2017) explained to users that information of a messaging app stored on Google expostulate is not encrypted.

However WhatsApp’s finish to finish encryption has been questioned by authorities. Notably, a Indiangovernment has called on a messaging height to offer traceability of messages sent on a app. It has reiterated that WhatsApp has not finished adequate in regulating record to snippet a start of rumours widespread on a height that has led to assault in several tools of a country.

WhatsApp has asserted that a messages are encrypted and it can't offer traceability.

“As a WhatsApp user we have a choice to not backup your information to Google Drive,” pronounced Sai Krishna Kothapalli, an eccentric confidence researcher.“They (WhatsApp) are not forcing we to backup. It is a feature. So, if we trust Google, we can capacitate it.”

“From a remoteness viewpoint (completely discounting convenience) online backups are no good regardless of who a protector is. While Google does encrypt files on a server side they also eventually control a keys for those — that can be supposing to law coercion authorities on a basement of a warrant,” pronounced Karan Saini, eccentric confidence researcher.

WhatsApp provides finish to finish encryption, definition a summary a user sends can usually be review by a target and clamp versa. Further,WhatsApp guarantees insurance to users from third parties perplexing to eavesdrop on conversations, and even prevents WhatsApp itself from reading a messages.

While a messaging height itself is encrypted, “for users who select to backup, a messages are decrypted on your phone and sent to your expostulate as backup,” Kothapallli said, adding that this is where there could be means for action.

A mail to WhatsApp seeking additional comments did not bleed response on Sunday. A Google orator reiterated a matter on a pact, adding “any backups that have not been updated in some-more than a year will automatically be private from storage”.

Separately, Google pronounced on Aug 16 a business who buy storage space on Drive that they can manually backup WhatsApp customer by Oct 30.

The backup to Google Drive is a elementary approach of subsidy adult discuss story so if we change inclination or get a new one a information isn’t lost.

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