WhatsApp Starts Deleting Google Drive Backups Not Updated in 1 Year

WhatsApp – a world’s many renouned present messaging app – reliable a before proclamation that, as of Monday, Nov 12, Android users who have not corroborated adult their information and chats on Google Drive for over a year will remove their comparison backups.

Owned by tech hulk Facebook, WhatsApp had reached an agreement with Google final Aug to store user calm on a Google Drive cloud storage use but a backup inspiring a user’s Google Drive storage quota. This will also concede users to simply reload their information on opposite or new Android smartphones.

WhatsApp had warned that starting Nov 12, any backups that hadn’t been updated in over a year will be automatically private from Google Drive storage. Android users can refurbish their duplicate and configure a refurbish magnitude as prolonged as they have a personal comment on Google.

WhatsApp on Tuesday announced that it has comparison 20 investigate teams worldwide – including experts from India and those of Indian start – who will work towards how misinformation spreads and what additional stairs a mobile messaging height could take to quell feign news.

Shakuntala Banaji from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Anushi Agrawal and Nihal Passanha from Bengaluru-based media and humanities common “Maraa” and Ramnath Bhat from LSE have been comparison for a paper patrician “WhatsApp Vigilantes? WhatsApp messages and host assault in India”.

The investigate examines a ways in that WhatsApp users know and find solutions to a spate of “WhatsApp lynchings” that has killed over 30 people so far.

Written with inputs from IANS

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