Where was a Apple HomePod during a iPhone X Launch Event?

At Tuesday’s launch eventuality for a iPhone 8 and iPhone X, there was a important absence. Apple’s HomePod, a intelligent orator set for launch this December, was nowhere to be seen.

The company’s answer to a Amazon Echo and Google Home, it could have taken a place front and core alongside a new Apple TV vital room box and Siri-powered iPhone. It’s slated to go on sale in only a few months, though Apple has been mostly still about a product given initial announcing it final year. The plan with a HomePod has been rather odd, and it raises questions about a product’s place in Apple’s lineup.

Superior sound is meant to be a vast offered indicate for a $349 HomePod compared with a competitors. It has pointing acoustic horns, an array of 7 beam-forming tweeters with particular drivers, and an Apple-designed woofer and involuntary drum equalizer. Multiple HomePods can work together to emanate a some-more absolute sound. And, only like a Echo, users can plead a voice partner regulating a trigger authority and call adult useful information. It’s meant to be a pivotal square of a vital room of a future.

During a two-hour discussion on Tuesday, Apple had a possibility to outline this future, and it didn’t. It announced a Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and program enhancements for all devices. There was even time during a start to explain how Steve Jobs helped design a new Apple Park campus. All of a above mentioned products use Siri, that HomePod is meant to confederate into a vital room, though Apple did not prominence how it might fit into this building ecosystem.

New iPhones, though no HomePod.

The product was announced in June, during a annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference, half a year before it was set to go on sale. That’s not too unreasonable: Apple announced a initial iPhone in Jan 2007, months forward of a summer release.

But a iPhone was a opposite savage altogether: a press called it a “Jesus phone,” it was that rarely anticipated. It’s doubtful that consumers are going to be backing adult around a dilemma only to get a intelligent speaker. At a same time, it seems peculiar Apple doesn’t wish to remind people that this vast product launch is coming.

There is a vital reward to Apple’s plan to announce early. Unlike a iPhone, small was famous about a HomePod before a announcement. A report in Sep 2016 pronounced that Apple was operative on a Siri-powered speaker, and a report in May pronounced it would lift some form of Beats technology, though there was no leaked images of a device and small news about finer offered points, a sheer contrariety to a iPhone X.

Apple has a wily balancing act to lift off. It can exhibit a product tighten to launch, risk a vast series of leaks in a routine though float a call of broadside to a sale date. On a other hand, it can exhibit it early, gripping many aspects a tip in a process, and beget hype around a puzzling product. But given June, there’s been small HomePod speak in a press. The hype around a warn didn’t utterly materialize.

The association could have announced a HomePod during a iPhone X eventuality or during a apart eventuality closer to a date. But with a product already announced, and no discuss during a show, it seems Apple is not peaceful to pull a call of hype adult to a product’s launch, withdrawal a doubt symbol over how profitable a HomePod is in a incomparable product lineup.

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