Which do #WeWant: Galaxy S8 or Pixel?

Published Jun 10, 2017 during 1:06 p.m.

Consumers have a dizzying array of choices in today’s smartphone market. The record keeps improving, and as year-over-year smartphone sales have slowed, manufacturers are pulling out all a stops opposed for any final phone sale.

New iPhone models make a headlines, yet Android phones still lead U.S. sales and positively browbeat a universe market. If you’re in a Android stay (and we am), dual phones now lay during a tip of a list: a Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. Both offer a top-of-the line knowledge with a latest in Android technology, yet if you’re in a marketplace for a new phone (and, again, we am), that do we choose?

It was time to reinstate my comically crushed DROID Turbo, so Verizon gave me a possibility to try them any out before committing. The dual compare adult good in many ways, so “the best phone” depends on a facilities that are many critical to you. If you’re ardent about one thing or another (and we unequivocally many am), one of a dual will arise to a top.

First, their similarities. Both a S8 and Pixel come with Android 7 (Nougat), a latest Google has to offer. Nougat brings in some useful features, such as tuning your notifications, quick-switching between your final dual apps and a split-screen mode.

Both phones exaggerate an implausible battery life. Each lasted good over a day on a singular charge. With power-saving options – quite on a S8 – we was means to lift that to dual full days between charges! That’s a distant cry from my aged Galaxy Nexus (R.I.P. buddy) that infrequently had to be charged immediately after work. Both phones charged fast to full energy around USB-C (someday – SOMEDAY – a Universal Serial Bus will be only that) so if we let a phone get low, we can redeem with a brief assign and be on your way.

Part of a trend I’m unequivocally many in preference of, both phones are accessible in dual sizes. The bottom models are designed for easy one-hand use. If we have bigger hands (and we do), you’ll find a incomparable versions, S8+ and Pixel XL, some-more gentle and reduction disposed to misclicks. It’s tough to contend accurately where a line between phone and phablet is, yet a S8+ and Pixel XL are to my eye good within a phone stay – large adequate to be useful yet being cumbersome.

Smartphones are some-more camera than phone to many people, and both cameras excel. we took a S8 with me on a outing to Texas and was unequivocally happy with a camera’s performance. Even moonlit pictures, always a smartphone challenge, incited out pretty well. The Pixel’s camera performs only as good (technically it’s a somewhat improved camera, yet who’s counting tenths of a megapixel during this point?) and, as a bonus, comes with total print and video storage on Google Photos, a outrageous advantage for users who snap thrice and ask questions after (yep, that’s me).

Out of a box, Samsung’s forever arrangement is breathtaking, and a S8 is gorgeous. There’s no other approach to contend it: The S8 is stunning. The Pixel mostly looks like an iPhone, that is to contend good, yet some-more or reduction like any other smartphone on a market.

Though it feels smaller in a hand, a S8 also has a advantage on serviceable shade space. Samsung’s Edge record has been around for awhile, yet it’s still innovative and fascinating. The S8 exploits it generally good with a quick-links add-on that swipes in from a right so frequently-used contacts and apps are circuitously no matter what you’re doing. The corner also allows a S8 to offer adult unimportant notifications while your phone is face down, an ignored yet unequivocally accessible feature.

I didn’t indeed try it with possibly phone (I’m not a nutcase; we had to lapse them in one, fully-functioning piece), yet another advantage a S8 has over a Pixel is it’s waterproofing. The Pixel is merely splash-resistant, yet a S8, according to a nutcases who indeed attempted it, is officious dunk-proof. You shouldn’t unequivocally have to keep your S8 enthralled in a feet of H2O for 20 minutes, yet apparently that’s an choice for we if you’re into that arrange of thing (and I’m not).

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistance is still during slightest a few weeks divided from rising in a U.S. I’ll refurbish here if we get a possibility to try it, yet it will be tough to kick a Pixel’s voice assistance. Google Assistant is well-spoken and conversational, a best I’ve seen on an Android yet. we approaching some problem with phrases such as “I wish to listen to ‘Freedom of Choice’ by DEVO on Google Play” as we did with my prior phones, yet Assistant was discerning to know what we wish and deliver. I’m a fan of anything that creates a phone some-more hands-free while I’m in a car, and a Pixel is really a leader in that category.

A border underline to some, we adore wireless charging. Though slower than connected charging, it’s available and accessible during my list or bedside. It’s so many easier to collect a phone up, check notifications, and put it behind down yet fumbling with a cord or worrying possibly my cat is going to play with a cord and lift a phone off of a finish table. The S8 charges wirelessly with my Qi chargers, yet we was repelled to find that a Pixel doesn’t. Why, Google; why? Plugging it in during night has me feeling like Elijah Wood in “Back to a Future 2.” we can’t contend since that pattern preference was made, yet it’s a one black symbol on an differently illusory phone.

On a other hand, a Pixel boasts what is substantially my favorite smartphone feature: batch Android. When Google releases updates to Android, any phone manufacturer tunes it a bit for themselves. Afterward, your dungeon conduit adds their possess program and that of their partners to a phone before we get it in your hands. we went with a Galaxy Nexus (R.I.P buddy) for my initial smartphone since it was as tighten to batch as your could get during a time (and, we assumed, a closest consumers would ever see).

My subsequent phone, a DROID Turbo, came with additional uninstallable apps, as does a S8 and literally any other phone on a market. Pixel, though, comes purify – not only yet partner apps like Mobile Strike or NFL Mobile, yet though a carrier-specific apps I’d routinely see. we chose that of those we wanted (My Verizon and Verizon Cloud) and commissioned them from my Google Play account. A few additional clicks is good value starting out on my possess terms.

The ability to select a phone that’s right for we is one of a Android platform’s best features. If you’re in a market, we can’t go wrong with possibly of these phones; it comes down to a facilities that are right for you. A few of my friends went with a S8 for a waterproofing, corner arrangement and all-around good looks. Stock Android is a torpedo underline for me, and a total print storage is a outrageous plus, so we bought a Pixel (and we did).

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