Which manufacturer updates the smartphones fastest: Android Pie edition

The Android Pie trademark on a LG G8 ThinQ

Android updates: we hear of so many, we accept so few. They can be buggy, they can be late, and they can frustrate.

But they seem to be removing faster.

Or during slightest that’s what’s shown here in a Android Pie book of a “Which manufacturer updates a phones fastest” array (hit a links for a previous Oreo edition and Nougat edition). Android manufacturers have had copiousness of time to adopt Pie — it rolled out behind on Aug 6, 2018 — so we suspicion it was high time we investigated how they’ve performed.

Some notes:

  • This essay is formed on information found in a Android Pie refurbish tracker: we can find all a applicable links there.
  • Updates hurl out during opposite times in opposite regions for opposite people: a dates next are estimates.
  • We’ve ranked Android manufacturers from best to misfortune formed on a possess interpretation of their altogether opening — not indispensably who was fastest to refurbish a singular device.
  • We’ve also adored a U.S. market, nonetheless we’ve enclosed OEMs that don’t prioritize that market.
  • We haven’t enclosed Google phones given they’re a starting indicate for Android updates; it’s a fastest OEM by default. If we simply wish a phone that’s guaranteed to be updated quickly, get a Pixel.

1. HMD Global (Nokia)

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 53 days (September 28, 2018)

HMD Global wasn’t a fastest Android OEM to refurbish a phone to Pie, that respect goes to Essential. However, HMD did hurl out a refurbish to a Nokia 8, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 7.1Nokia 6.1 Plus, and Nokia 6.1 all before a finish of a year. The Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 5, meanwhile, perceived it before a finish of January.

As good as delivering countless timely updates, and being arguably a best Android OEM during communicating their timelines, HMD also reliable that all Android-running Nokia phones would be updated to Android Pie in a destiny — even a initial phone, a Nokia 6.

The Nokia 7 Plus in white from behind.

These phones did launch with Nougat or a after OS, so they would be approaching to get Pie. Still, it’s a sizeable catalog and there’s unequivocally no other association holding as most caring with Android updates as HMD Global does.

2. Essential

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: day one (August 6, 2018)

Essential competence not have nailed most given it expelled a initial and usually smartphone in 2017, a Essential PH-1 or ‘Essential Phone,’ nonetheless it positively nailed a Android Pie update.

Technically speaking, Essential updated a whole unbarred smartphone catalog to Android Pie small mins after a module launched. For some, it even strike a PH-1 before Google’s possess Pixel phones.

The Essential Phone with an Android P screensaver.

Essential also managed to get Pie using on carrier-branded (Sprint) models usually a week later. That’s a kind of refurbish speeds all Android manufacturers should aspire to, nonetheless a Essential PH-1’s roughly batch Android interface positively gave it an advantage over other companies with some-more heavily protracted Android skins.

We debated giving Essential initial place, nonetheless in a finish we felt HMD’s opening opposite an whole catalog of smartphones is some-more impressive.

3. Sony

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 67 days (October 12, 2018)

It feels like Sony is in a shade of many other Android manufacturers when it comes to hardware these days, nonetheless it excels in updates.

The association was partially nippy with a initial Android Pie refurbish (it took around dual months to ascent a Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact) nonetheless it also had during slightest 4 vital inclination updated by Nov 10, 2018. OnePlus might have been a few weeks faster to start a Pie rollout, nonetheless Sony had lonesome some-more belligerent by mid-November, with half a dozen inclination updated in that time compared to OnePlus’ one.

The Sony Xperia XZ2 Android Pie on a screen.

Sony has also been pretty communicative about a efforts, charity a roadmap final August, and an updated one after in October.

Sony came initial in a Oreo refurbish joining table, and nonetheless it has slipped to third for Pie, it has nonetheless put in a important shift.

4. Xiaomi

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 71 days (October 16, 2018)

It took Xiaomi a small while to get going, nonetheless it put in a clever finish as we left 2018: a Chinese association managed to get a Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite, Mi Mix 2s, Mi 8, Mi 8 Pro, Mi Mix 3, and Pocophone F1 up-and-running with Pie by a finish of December.

There has been a bit of an refurbish peace given then, nonetheless these timescales still paint a staggering alleviation for Xiaomi. With Oreo, a association didn’t get an refurbish out before a finish of a year, with a bulk of a updates alighting between Jan and Jun 2018.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 from behind with see-through body.

As with Sony, we placed Xiaomi forward of OnePlus given it had some-more phones updated before 2019, and was usually a few weeks behind with a first. If your regard is usually about a initial refurbish to a latest flagship, cruise OnePlus as nearing in third place.

Regardless of a competition, Xiaomi displayed a noted alleviation this year compared to those previous. Based on a Pie rollout, we perspective it as one of a tip 5 fastest Android OEMs for updates.

5. OnePlus

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 46 days (September 21, 2018)

OnePlus will have gratified OnePlus 6 (then a categorical device) fans with a second-fastest Pie rollout on a list, nonetheless it would need another 3 months to refurbish a OnePlus 5 and 5T with a discerning Android Pie refurbish on Dec 25.

Updating first- and second-tier inclination to a new Android chronicle forward of a new year would have been singular for Android OEMs even usually a integrate of years ago, so we wish OnePlus and a other manufacturers listed above are environment a trend.

The OnePlus 6T in Thunder Purple from behind.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus 3 and 3T disappointingly missed out on Android 8.1 Oreo — they’re still on 8.0 — nonetheless it looks like they’ll receive Pie in future.

As a side-note, Sony, HMD and OnePlus all assigned a initial second and third places (respectively) in a Oreo refurbish joining — usually Essential’s lightning-fast turnaround and Xiaomi’s back-catalog industry has changed OnePlus down this time around.

6. Samsung

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 140 days (December 24, 2018)

Up until now (and incompatible Essential) a manufacturers occupying places two-through-five were closely matched in their refurbish performance, nonetheless here we start to see a opening widen. Samsung didn’t get a refurbish out until late December: 4 and a half months after Android Pie initial landed.

This creates a Korean hulk a final vital OEM outward of Razer, Oppo, and Vivo to hurl a refurbish out, notwithstanding being a largest Android phone builder in a world. However, a opening afterward helped it stand to sixth place overall.

samsung universe s9 one ui examination android cake trademark easter egg

Samsung delivered Pie to a Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus first, before trickling out updates to vital flagships like a Note 9 and Note 8 between Jan and March. The Galaxy S8 Pie refurbish is also now making a approach opposite a globe.

Samsung has never been discerning when it comes to updates and there are still millions of Galaxy smartphone owners watchful for Pie. Yet, a Mar timeline for a second-tier flagships (the Galaxy S8 series) isn’t bad going compared to Samsung in prior years: a unbarred Galaxy S7 in a U.S. didn’t get a initial vital update, Nougat, until some-more than 250 days after a module landed.

7. Huawei / Honor

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 164 days (January 17, 2019) 

Huawei‘s updates are a small murky, as they can be announced in China months before they arrive elsewhere. Despite a tellurian proclamation on Dec 18, it seems Huawei didn’t get a initial Pie refurbish out in a U.S. until Jan with a Honor View 10.

But it isn’t all bad for a Chinese conglomerate. Considering it could hardly scratch together a updates a integrate of years ago, a handful of flagship upgrades from Jan to Mar helped it secure a mid-table finish.

The Huawei P20 Pro in a new slope color.

8. Lenovo/ Motorola

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 114 days (November 28, 2018)

Lenovo / Motorola has a vast catalog nonetheless it still usually managed to get a integrate of updates out before a new year. The Android One-based Motorola One was approaching to get an early-ish update, that still took until November, while a Moto X4 refurbish came in mid-December.

These have been followed by a Moto Z3 and Moto Z3 Play updates in Jan and Feb respectively. Motorola isn’t comatose, it usually hasn’t been as rapid as some of a other OEMs who’ve unequivocally incited adult a heat.

The Motorola Moto X4 from behind.

What does make this duration quite unsatisfactory for Motorola, though, is how distant it has depressed in refurbish speeds in a final integrate of years. Motorola topped a Nougat joining table.

9. Asus

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 134 days (December 18, 2018)

Asus done a Zenfone 5 refurbish accessible on a website on December 18, nonetheless it didn’t hurl out a OTA until Jan 3, usually blank 2018. It followed with a Zenfone 5Z on Jan 30.

Asus also kicked off a Android Pie beta module for a Zenfone Max Pro M2 in Jan and supposing a Pie roadmap in February. That’s dual vital Pie updates given it launched on Aug 6, and small else, for Asus.

The Asus Zenfone 5 with a beach stage wallpaper.

10. LG

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 102 days (November 16, 2018)

LG kick Samsung and Huawei in a U.S. with an early Pie refurbish to a LG G7 One in usually over 100 days. LG would maybe be aloft adult in a charts if this wasn’t a usually LG device to get Pie we’d come across.

LG has pronounced the update should strike tellurian G7 ThinQ inclination by a finish of Q1 (March) during a latest, and has offering a roadmap featuring many handsets and stretching all a approach to a finish of 2019.

The LG G7 ThinQ from behind.

That’s one refurbish and a roadmap from a association who, in Apr 2018, non-stop a earthy Update Center dedicated to “developing and delivering unchanging OS updates for LG smartphones.” So most for that.

11. HTC

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 115 days (November 29, 2018)

HTC‘s conditions is looking bad from all angles as distant as Android is concerned. It delivered Android Pie for a Android One various of a U11 Life on Nov 29, nonetheless no other Pie updates have followed since.

HTC says more Pie updates are on a approach in Q2, nonetheless don’t reason your exhale for them. The approach things are going, who knows when they’ll arrive.

The HTC U11 Life from behind in blue.

12. Razer

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: 205 days (February 27, 2019)

Razer has usually dual phones authorised for a Pie refurbish nonetheless it did a bad pursuit of delivering it. Razer finished final on a Oreo refurbish speed joining list and, were it not for a inclusion of Oppo and Vivo this time, it would have finished final again.

It took 205 days to recover Pie for a Razer Phone 2, and it’s not transparent if a Oreo-running strange Razer Phone will even get a upgrade. Razer might not be operative on a third Razer phone, and recently laid off mobile multiplication staff, so a miss of concentration on stream mobile projects isn’t during all surprising.

The Razer Phone 2 shot from behind on a wooden surface.

13. Oppo and Vivo (tied)

Time to hurl out initial discerning U.S. Pie update: TBA 

Neither Oppo nor Vivo have rolled out a discerning Android Pie refurbish in Western markets to a knowledge. It’s disappointing, quite as Oppo frequently finds itself in a tip 5 tellurian smartphone manufacturers formed on a shipments. That said, a U.S. marketplace isn’t a particular focus for possibly of these companies, so maybe it’s to be expected.

The Oppo R17 Pro on a wooden surface, shot from above.

Wrap up

Overall, Android refurbish speeds seem to be improving. Four manufacturers on a Oreo list took some-more than 200 days to refurbish a singular device. With Pie, usually Razer took longer to hurl out those updates (outside of Oppo and Vivo, slow-coaches that we didn’t even embody in a Oreo table).

What’s more, those delivering discerning updates are doing so faster than ever before — and for some-more handsets. This represents a poignant alleviation for Android, something we wish continues by to Android Q.

There does seem to be a larger order between a good and a bad with Pie than prior Android updates, nonetheless given that a best OEMs have gotten better, let’s usually contend a misfortune are still to locate up, rather than are deteriorating further.

Which manufacturer do we consider has achieved best with a Android Pie updates so far? Give us your thoughts in a comments.

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