Whitman Teen Party Trashes Bethesda House; 3 Charged: Police

BETHESDA, MD — A organisation of Walt Whitman High School students pennyless into a empty Bethesda let house, hold a celebration celebration and vandalized a property, contend a owners and police. During a Jul 1 bash, partygoers pennyless windows, ripped doors from their hinges and kicked in walls, Montgomery County Police say.

Authorities have charged dual Washington, D.C., boys and a Bethesda lady with one count of fourth-degree burglary, one count of trespassing and one count of drop of skill underneath $1,000, reports Montgomery Community Media. (Get a latest internal news alerts by signing adult for a Bethesda-Chevy Chase Patch newsletter, or like us on Facebook.)

Last week, Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin sent an email to relatives disapproval a vandalism. “The drop by students of a vacated let home is horrible,” he wrote. “This serves as a sign that we all contingency be perpetually observant as we beam teenagers by their high propagandize years.”

The homeowner says that a Whitman tyro promoted a celebration on amicable media and asked that relatives doubt their children about either they know any of a teenagers concerned or saw photos and videos of a bash.

Goodwin common a minute to a village created by a unclear owners of a residence where a celebration was held. It said:

“Dear Whitman Parents,

On Jul 1st, a let skill in Bethesda was a aim of a thievery by a series of Whitman high propagandize students. During a celebration a residence was vandalized including damaged windows, doors ripped off hinges, and walls kicked in. There was also drug use and a expenditure of alcohol. Adding insult to injury, a few days after we spotless it up, some-more kids pennyless in and vandalized it a second time.

The saddest impulse for us was in a final purify adult when 3 immigrants, who hardly spoke English, were boarding adult a many damaged windows and doors. We could usually consternation what they were meditative of a values of Americans. This is where we come in – to assistance us say a values and standards in a community.

It’s come to a courtesy that a Whitman tyro advertised a celebration to a series of friends and afterwards videos/photos were sent around on amicable media. Your child might have seen them or have believe of a party. If we are a Whitman parent, we would severely conclude any assistance if your child has listened anything about this party, or even improved – videos, cinema or names of people involved. We are ravaged that a residence was trashed and would deeply conclude your support.

The military officer who came after a second break-in pronounced he had never seen anything this bad.”

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