Whoops: Android Q Easter Egg Found on Essential Phone, Not Pixels

For any new chronicle of Android, Google cooks adult a lovable tiny easter egg that is always buried inside of a Android chronicle series within a Settings menu. Rapidly drumming on that complement chronicle in Android Q has brought adult a Android Pie easter egg, as Google typically waits for a initial open recover build to showcase a new easter egg.

Well, interjection to folks on reddit, we’ve get an early demeanour during what Google has baked adult for Android Q.

Funny enough, a easter egg was detected regulating an Essential Phone and not a Pixel. In a latest beta build of Android Q on Pixel devices, Build 6, doing a common drumming process still brings adult a Android Pie easter egg. The fact that it’s inside a build for a Essential Phone contingency be a tiny mistake, though, it’s an easter egg with tiny effect so large whoop.

Anyway, as we enter a easter egg, you’ll see Android 10 spelled out with a user means to pierce a letters and numbers around to file them. However, if we daub on a shade few times, a nonogram nonplus appears (also famous as a Picross puzzle). Solving a nonplus reveals a complement icon, such as a volume icon. And there we have it, a apparent Android Q easter egg.


// reddit | Android Police

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