Why hardcore gaming phones are now a thing

Asus Rog Phone gaming smartphone in hands from behind in half case. Asus

Playing games on a mobile phones has been renouned for a prolonged time, though for a many partial renouned games are flattering infrequent fare, like Angry BirdsCandy Crush, or Pokémon Go. Plenty of Android games are some-more hardcore than those franchises, though they haven’t gotten scarcely as most mainstream attention.

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However, in reduction than a year, companies possibly expelled or announced several new smartphones designed privately for gaming. These aren’t for personification Candy Crush, though rather for graphically complete titles with deeper gameplay like Shadowgun Legends, Vainglory, and yes, conflict royale games like PUBG Mobile (with Fortnite hopefuly coming shortly to Android).

Razer Phone - gaming smartphones

While we have seen smartphones done essentially for personification games in a past, nothing of them managed to find a large assembly (we’re looking during you, Nokia N-Gage and Sony Xperia Play). Razer’s had outrageous success offered gaming laptops and accessories for a PC market, and in 2017 it entered a smartphone space. The Razer Phone not usually had high-end hardware like 8GB of RAM and a fastest (at a time) mobile processor, it also threw in facilities like a 120Hz display and what it called Ultramotion, that presumably practiced a support rate of your games to compare a screen’s modernise rate, so there’s reduction shade tearing.

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While Razer has not suggested sales total for a initial phone, there’s no denote it was a financial disaster like a Essential Phone, that also launched in 2017 . Indeed, in 2018 even some-more gaming smartphones have popped up. Most of them are being sole and marketed in China, such as a Xiaomi Black Shark, and a Nubia Red Magic, and some-more recently a Honor Play.

Later this year Asus skeleton to launch a ROG Phone, that has considerable facilities like a 90Hz arrangement and an overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip. The phone will also be sole with accessories like a wharf that will supplement a secondary arrangement for a phone, a gamepad for adding console-like controls, and another wharf for joining a monitor, keyboard, and rodent for PC-like gameplay.

There’s no denote gaming phones are going divided in a brief term, though what stirred their recover in a initial place?

Mobile gaming is large in China

Arena of Valor

As we mentioned before, many of these new gaming phones are directed during China and other Asian markets. There’s a large reason for that: mobile gaming is outrageous in that partial of a universe during a moment. Indeed, a new investigate claimed mobile gaming revenues in China hit $14.6 billion in 2017. That’s scarcely twice a income of mobile games in a U.S. in a same year. Another investigate found altogether worldwide revenues from mobile gaming in 2017 were 2.3 times higher than from PC and Mac games, and 3.6 times aloft than revenues from console games.

Chinese companies like Tencent have achieved tons of success by releasing renouned mobile games like Arena of Valor, that now has 200 million purebred players and over 80 million daily active users, all on mobile devices. The launch of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite for mobile inclination progressing this year has increased hardcore mobile gaming even more. These kinds of games simply won’t run on smartphones with 1GB of RAM and a delayed processor. Players who wish to contest with their friends need phones with aloft hardware specs, and so far, gaming phones have had some of a top specs of any Android handset. Indeed, a Asus ROG Phone is a stream champ for all Android phones in terms of hardware, with a overclocked processor, 8GB of RAM, and as most as 512GB of onboard storage.

Mobile esports is also gaining in popularity

Super Evil Megacorp

Along with a arise in hardcore mobile gaming in Asia, we have also seen a outrageous boost in recognition for pro esports tournaments and events done for mobile gaming. The developers and publishers for games like Mobile Legends, Vainglory and Arena of Valor have hosted central tournaments where players contest for lots of esteem money, and that trend doesn’t demeanour like it’s negligence down. Indeed, a official Arena of Valor playoffs are being hold in Los Angeles this week during E3 2018, with Razer providing a possess gaming phones for a tournament.

It creates clarity for Razer, that already has a ton of knowledge sponsoring esports players, teams and tournaments in a console and PC markets, to enhance and embody mobile esports as well. Showing off how good your hardware handles hardcore games is an glorious selling scheme, and could lead to even some-more sales of that phone. That kind of doctrine will not be mislaid on other smartphone makers looking for new ways to foster and sell their products to an ever flourishing hardcore gaming audience. The arise of conflict royale games in a mobile esports space will keep that trend going.

Playing hardcore games on normal mobile phones can be tough

Flagship phones with high-end specs like a OnePlus 6, a Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, and a Huawei P20 Plus can all run graphically minute games only as good as a new gaming phones, though phones even a small weaker can struggle. If we have attempted to play a diversion like PUBG Mobile for longer than a few mins with a mid-tier phone, we expected struggled with overheating or even only regulating hold screen-based controls.

Some new gaming phones try to make things easier for gamers who wish to spend hours on their phone. Both a Xioami Black Shark and a Nubia Red Magic explain to have softened inner cooling setups, with a Black Shark adding an tangible glass cooling complement identical to those found in many gaming PCs. The Asus ROG Phone will be sole with a possess outmost cooling appendage when it launches.

The ROG Phone will have discretionary gamepad and wharf accessories for gamers, and a Black Shark is also accessible with a identical gamepad dock. In other words, branch those smartphones into something closer to unstable consoles is on a minds of many smartphone makers, and it could move some-more gamers to those phones, withdrawal behind mainstream inclination like a Galaxy S9 and OnePlus 6.

Smartphone makers can make some-more income from gaming smartphones


Budget smartphones might sell some-more units, though a distinction margins from those sales are razer thin. Selling phones with aloft hardware specs with mid-range or aloft prices brings in some-more profit, even if they don’t sell as many units. Gaming phones are still mostly labelled in a mid-range, so they are affordable for gamers and can still make income for a phone manufacturers.

Gaming phones can mount out from customary phones with small effort

gaming phones like Xiaomi Black Shark are increasingly popular Xiaomi Gaming

It’s apropos harder for smartphone makers to recover new products that truly demeanour and act opposite from a competition. Sometimes, that’s by design. The “notch” on a iPhone X has led to a ton of copycats. However, these gaming smartphones have new looks and facilities to make them mount out.

The Red Magic has an pointed behind and a plane LED light that can be one of 16 million tone options. The Black Shark also has LED lights inside a trademark on a back, and a opposite pointed form factor. It costs really small to make these kinds of changes, though they make handsets mount out from a swarming marketplace full of skinny phones with scarcely bezel-free displays.

Final thoughts

Hardcore gaming phones positively demeanour promising. Their singular facilities and looks, along with softened gaming performance, could lift a wild and flourishing mobile gaming assembly divided from mainstream flagship phones. Only time will tell if this trend will hang around or fire out like we have seen with other mobile trends in a past.

What do we consider of a stream gaming smartphones trend? Are we meddlesome in shopping one or are we happy gaming on your some-more mainstream phone? Let us know your thoughts in a comments!


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