Why we should buy a used Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2020

Buy Samsung Galaxy S8 for reduction than $200

Almost 3 years and dual successors after a introduction, a Galaxy S8 is, of course, tough to find in shops new anymore. Dealers sell remaining batch on eBay or Amazon still have some new and refurbished models that go for around $275 to $375. But genuine savers demeanour around on eBay auctions. Because there we can find a Galaxy S8 in good condition for as small as $150

You can also find a imagination LED View Cover on eBay for another $30 to $40. we enjoyed a functionality during my long-term examination of a Galaxy Note 8. It protects a arrangement of a Galaxy S8, whose correct mostly costs around $300.

Buying used apparatus is an critical vigilance to a attention to revoke a prolongation of new equipment. In perspective of bad recycling rates and increasingly wanting resources, a use of comparison models is a obliged alternative. And in a box of a Galaxy S8, it’s also one we won’t regret. Because…

A headphone jack is apropos increasingly rare. / © AndroidPIT

The Galaxy S8 still gets updates

Granted, a Galaxy S8 has already perceived a dual large Android updates. It went on a marketplace with Android 7 and is now on Android 9, though it receives confidence rags any month. Should Samsung again follow a refurbish report of a Galaxy S7, we pattern confidence updates any 3 months from Mar 2020 onwards, before receiving a final refurbish lands in Mar 2021. Another denote of a trustworthiness of a Galaxy S8 program is that a device is enclosed in Google’s list of “Enterprise Ready” devices.

The Galaxy S8 had resisted dual unpopular pattern trends during a time. The arrangement came onto a marketplace though a nick and instead had skinny black bezels during a tip and bottom. And a Koreans gave their fans a headphone jack when many others were ditching it. The enclosed AKG headphones sounded good – and we could use them for all your other audio inclination as well.

Some weaknesses have to be conceded to a aged Galaxy S8. The fingerprint sensor is not a millimeter divided from a hapless position subsequent to a camera lens. So we will wish to clean a greasy fingerprints from a lens before any time we take a shot, so that a photos do not blur.

The S8’s camera and fingerprint sensor are no longer adult to date. / © AndroidPIT

Cameras have turn most improved given a S8

The usually thing that not usually a successor, the Galaxy S9, though many other smartphones given afterwards can do significantly improved than a S8 is photos and videos. Don’t get me wrong! Both a categorical and a selfie camera of a S8 still broach plain results, even in low light conditions. But a competition, as good as Samsung itself, have been creation poignant swell in a camera zone given Mar 2017. There are now complicated facilities like…

  • Ultra-wide angle lenses
  • Night mode
  • Portrait mode
  • Optical zoom
  • Slow-motion mode
  • Macro mode

All processor energy including new computing subunits as good as categorical cameras, some of that are versed with 5 sensors, came into a concentration of a arms competition for a best smartphone camera. This is a fortify in that a Galaxy S8 will no longer compete. Among a inclination from a year 2019, your favorite is a OnePlus:

Conclusion: The S8 doesn’t demeanour aged yet!

Thanks to a high-quality workmanship right from a start, a Galaxy S8 still shows no signs of weakness. Only a camera has frequency anything left to conflict a some-more complicated competitors. On a used market, however, we will frequency find a improved device of this peculiarity for this money.

If we already possess a Galaxy S8, we can continue to use it for a whole year; confidence rags will come after 90 days during a latest. Otherwise, we can sell it now on good terms; it could be your final chance!

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