Will a Razer Phone box fit on a Razer Phone 2?

Close, though no camera

The Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2 demeanour matching initial glance, and in terms of altogether dimensions, a dual phones are scarcely identical, with a Razer Phone 2 only somewhat incomparable than a predecessor. Yes, we was means to fit a Razer Phone 2 into a Spigen Rugged Armor case for a initial Razer Phone, though not though totally covering both a Razer Phone 2 camera and that super cold Chroma logo.

Razer did a lot to renovate a generally miserable knowledge that was regulating a initial Razer Phone’s camera. In a routine of adding improved sensors and picture stabilization, they finished adult centering a camera hardware on a behind of a phone. The outcome is a most improved camera that is good though also requires a new line adult of cases for a Razer Phone 2.

Of course, we could substantially get divided with regulating a Razer Phone box on a Razer Phone 2 as a proxy repair while we wait for a correct box to arrive — here are the tip box picks for Razer Phone 2.

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