Will we buy Apple’s HomePod after this year? [Poll]

Apple’s HomePod is scheduled to arrive this Dec for $349 in a US, Australia and a UK. Are we formulation to collect one up? And will we switch from an Amazon Echo or Google Home in a process?

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While a device was long-expected to be a company’s initial standalone Siri device for a vital room, and it is, Apple also done sound peculiarity with a orator a vital differentiator for HomePod contra a other standalone personal partner inclination like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

The competitors concentration on a voice-controlled practical partner experience, withdrawal high peculiarity audio for song listening to third-party accessories that get purchased alone and paired. Apple, on a other hand, is betting that carrying an all-in-one partner and high-quality audio knowledge packaged into HomePod will be a pull for those that competence be deliberation a competition.

It will also assistance to clear a $349 cost tab that comes in above a Amazon’s Echo inclination and Google Home that range from $50 to only over $200. HomePod’s $349 cost starts to make a lot some-more clarity if you’re in a marketplace for speakers and comparing it to popular connected options like Sonos, that is substantially because Apple has done a indicate of comparing a product to Sonos only as most as Google Home and Amazon.

Before Apple announced a HomePod, we asked readers what facilities they’d cruise a must-have for such a device, with a tip 3 answers including a some-more intelligent Siri, HomeKit support, and Hi-Fi audio. A new and softened Siri was a tip voted answer during 62.52%, followed by HomeKit during around 11% and high-quality audio during 8.4%. Apple indeed delivered with all of those features, and not surprisingly with those 3 areas being a categorical things that compute HomePod from Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The doubt is are those facilities adequate to get we meddlesome in HomePod? For those that already possess an Alexa or Google Home device a answer competence come down to either or not a value creation a switch entirely.

For others it competence be a matter of either or not a third-party speakers they already possess get updated with support for AirPlay 2 and so formation with HomePod around HomeKit. And finally many people, generally those with existent orator setups during home, competence not find need to spend a income when they can already have functionality with Siri around their iPhone and Apple Watch.

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