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Last week we woke adult during a moment of emergence to squeeze an additional Super Nintendo Classic to give divided on Destructoid and, certain enough, we was met with a line of people during each plcae we went to — and few bashful about their vigilant to list it on eBay a second they got home. While we have to palm it to these lanky youngsters for their forward attitudes, it royally fucks over a fan on a parsimonious budget. Thus, this competition is for you.

Destructoid is giving divided a really tiny Super Nintendo in 2017 in really high demand, a judgment that still baffles a mind and puts a grin on my face. It’s my favorite childhood complement and we wish some-more people to have them. I’ll substantially continue to give them divided until a cost earnings to sanity.

How to enter: Just tell a crony about a common blog and you’re entered to win. If you’re abroad we can’t boat we one though you’ll get a money homogeneous instead. If I’m propitious we’ll also have a alien Super Famicom mini to give divided as good subsequent month, since Mystical Ninja was a rapist omission. No squeeze necessary, see manners next for some-more details. The leader will be incidentally drawn by a Gleam widget below. Good luck!

Who deserves to get a giveaway Super Nintendo Mini?

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